Fluidyn Consultancy


  • Fluid mechanics,
  • Structural response,
  • Thermal transfer,
  • Electromagnetics,
  • Magneto-hydrodynamics,

Environmental Impact

  • Air pollutant dispersion,
  • Road traffic impact,
  • Odour impact,
  • Particles impact,
  • Radionuclides dispersion,


  • Consequence assessment,
  • Toxic release modeling,
  • Explosion simulation, 
  • Fire modeling,
  • Risk analysis,

Fluidyn Software


Fluidyn MP is a unique complete CFD package for general multi-physics and mechanical applications.       


Fluidyn PANACHE is a reference software for 3D modeling of the pollutant atmospheric dispersion.          


Fluidyn VENTIL is an advanced 3D numerical platform dedicated to ventilation, risk impact analysis in confined spaces, HVAC,… 

New and Events


Fluidyn is offering internships for the post of Project Engineer in CFD Simulations, Environmental Impact Studies and Risk Analysis for the period 2023-2024 at it’s office in Saint Denis, France

CFD simulation of pollutant dispersion using anisotropic models: Application to an urban environment under neutral and stable atmospheric conditions. MUST (Mock Urban Setting Test ) validation campaign to compare Fluidyn PANACHE 3D numerical modeling of atmospheric pollutant dispersion with the performance of anisotropic models 

Research article on Environmental Effects – Characterizing pulverised coal combustion for high- ash content Indian coal,  published in Energy Sources journal, Vol 46, by engineers from IIT, Dhanbad and SRM Institute of  Science and Technology, Chennai, India. Fluidyn MP is used to conduct the 3D numerical simulations of coal combustion.

Fluidyn MP was used by ISRO’s Launch Pad Safety and Cryogenics team to address various kinds of cryogenic flow problems for the successful launch of Chandrayaan-3.

Fluidyn did  the Risk Assessment  of Accidental spillage of Launch Vehicle Fuel for Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR one of the R&D wings of ISRO at Sriharikota responsible for providing Launch Base Infrastructure for the Indian Space Program. The safety analysis of various facilities handling highly flammable rocket propellants was done with Fluidyn PANEPR.

Influence of the opening pressure of explosion-venting surface on methane deflagration characteristics in municipal sewage confined spaces – study published by our Chinese client, BIPT – Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology. This study was conducted with Fluidyn MP, our 3D multiphysics simulation software.

News article in the paper Sud Est Eco, France on impact of cruise ship emissions on urban harbors.  The CAPNAVIR project took 1.6 million samples of nine different pollutants during the passage of 14 cruise ships at the Bordeaux harbor, to measure the pollution level.

Fluidyn used 3D CFD Modelling to conduct this study in collaboration with ADEME, CEREMA and CNRS. The study helped to establish that the pollution due to cruise ships is inferior to that caused by urban road traffic.

A CFD based approach to study the deposition and distribution behaviour of 212Pb in a calibration chamber. This research paper was published by BARC-Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and the study used Finite Volume Method (FVM) based code Fluidyn Ventclim to carry out the simulation

Analysis of seasonal variations and dispersion pattern of ambient air pollutants in an urban environment.  Research article following an air quality study with Fluidyn Panache by Fluidyn’s academic clients, Department of Civil Engineering, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technolgy, Coimbatore, India.

Atomic energy is a viable, sustainable low carbon source of energy. India is a global leader in nuclear energy. Watch this chat between Myrto Rani Tripathi a nuclear engineer formerly with Areva and now founder and head of Voices For Nuclear, she is based in Paris France and Pallava Bagla a science journalist based in New Delhi. Ms Tripathi was visiting her home town.

Core Convergence (Fluidyn Korean Agency) Hyundai Steel conducted an environmental impact study of contaminants on neighboring residential areas  by predicting the atmospheric diffusion path. For this analysis, Core Convergence built an integrated model of the interior of  Hyundai Steel factory and modelled  atmospheric diffusion of pollutants such as TSP, SOx, and NOx generated from the internal chimney of the steel factory with Fluidyn PANACHE – PANEIA.



A critical analysis of a French regulation for the determination of the minimum industrial chimney’s height has been published by POLITECNICO DI TORINO. The estimation of the concentration has been made through the software Fluidyn-PANACHE. The full thesis report is available here.

A Quantizing Method for Atmospheric Environment Impact Post-Assessment of Highways Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Model Fluidyn PANACHE. The full research paper is available here.


Fluidyn’s client Vibratec will present a paper on Globe Valve in Single Phase Flow: Experimental and CFD Analysis  at the 7th International Conference on Noise, Vibration and Comfort, Kuala Lumpur.  The paper  is co-authored by Fluidyn and Vibratec.

Fluidyn is participating in WNE 2023,  the world’s leading civil nuclear exhibition.

Fluidyn is participating in Pollutec 2023, the largest show on solutions for environment. Fluidyn will be presenting two innovations, Fluidyn-SENSORMAP and Fluidyn_BFC on this occasion.

Fluidyn is present at the 14th edition of ATMOS’FAIR , conference on improving air quality in an environment under geopolitical and energy constraints

Fluidyn is participating in the Meeting organised by PEXE, the leading network of French Cleantech clusters, between the EcoTech Territories in ecological transition  and the Ile-de-France companies in environment and energy sector.

Fluidyn is present at the 2nd Roundtable organised by SCO (Space Climate Observatory) to discuss the progress towards the creation of sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Fluidyn has been selected to participate in a business mission to Shanghai with Business France organised by SCIP, China. Fluidyn’s candidature was selected in the Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneuship Contest organised by SCIP in November 2022 to participate in this mission

Fluidyn participated in the Workshop on CFD for Combustion Safety organised by CERFACS, the European Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Scientific Calculations

Fluidyn is participating in the French Clean Energy Tour 2023 in New Delhi and Mumbai with Business France from 18 – 23 February 2023

Fluidyn participated  in India Energy Week held between 6-8 February 2023 at Bengaluru, under the patronage of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. 

Technical presentation by Fluidyn on Sensor Mapping and Real Time Emergency Response using CFD tools. 

Session : Integrating Technologies to improve HSE

Venue : Power Generation, Alternative and Renewable Theatre, Hall 3

Presentation timing : 16:10 – 16:30

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