Fluidyn Consultancy

Fluidyn is one of the best consultancy service provider with 20+ years of experience in the field of 3D CFD. Our ability to understand diverse problem statement of different sectors help us arrive at meaningful outcomes. We believe in realistic approach taking into consideration the multitude of factors specific to a particular case study. Our engineers are equipped with the state of the art consultancy methodologies existing in the contemporary era, delivering high accuracy outcomes. This makes us well recognised in the field.

Process Optimization

Fluidyn expertise in multiphysics disciplines, such as fluid dynamics, structural response, heat transfer, electromagnetic, magneto-hydrodynamics, rarefied gases, etc, to handle the various phenomena in the frame of industrial processes design and optimisation.

Environmental Impact

Fluidyn uses its large experience in  air quality modeling to the benefit of its users and customers. In compliance to the national regulations on air quality, our team produces simulations of pollutant dispersion (gas, particles, radionuclides…) from any type of emission sources (stacks, points, areas, roads, airports, harbours…)


Fluidyn offers consultancy projects in ventilation and HVAC system design to improve internal air quality in confined spaces and thermal comfort, as well as emergency ventilation systems to reduce hazard areas in industrial building or in tunnels, extract smokes.


Gaining from years of experience, Fluidyn consultancy teams can help you identify the hazards of your facility, assess consequence of accidents (toxic and/or flammable releases, explosions, fires, tank ruptures), analyze the risks and improve the risk management performance of your company.