A unique expertise in CFD  and multiphysics simulations 

FLUIDYN provides simulation software and consultancy services in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multiphysics for the design and optimization of industrial process, as well as numerical solutions for the assessment and reduction of environmental impacts and industrial hazards.

Fluidyn aims at offering high-quality numerical engineering solutions to complex multi-physics applications to industries, academic institutions and public bodies (state agencies and local authorities) through consultancy services and software developments.

Fluidyn-MP, the general numerical platform for the simulation of coupled multiphysical phenomena (CFD, Conjugate Heat Transfer and Fluid-Structure Interactions) is based on state-of-the art computational technologies and physical models, thanks to close collaborations with renowned universities and research institutes. The software is extensively used for a wide range of fluid flow simulations, compressible, turbulent, reactive, multiphase flows up to rarefied and particulate gas flows.

Based on the general multiphysics software, a large range of application-oriented software has been developed for Environment and Risk analysisFluidyn-PANACHEFluidyn-VENTIL and Fluidyn-FLOWSOL, which comprise more than 25 dedicated modules. The topics cover the simulation of the behavior gas, liquids, particles, multiphase flows, toxic and flammable gas dispersions, fires, explosions, indoor and outdoor air quality, water quality and noise.

All software include 3D fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling as well as empirical and analytical formulations from industrial know-how. Specifically, the 3D-CFD approach gives extremely reliable results allowing a clear improvement on performances of environmental and risks engineering.

The unique relationship between consultancy and development teams ensures a reactive and relevant response to the everyday questions as well as outside-the-box solutions to unusual and urgent problems met by our users and customers.

FLUIDYN firms in France and India, as well as our partners are dedicated to fast and reliable consultancy services and software user support. Through subsidiaries and partnerships, FLUIDYN agents and companies are present in several countries worldwide.

The FLUIDYN numerical tools are designed to respond to the numerous challenges in the fields of fluid mechanics, environmental issues and industrial hazards in an easy and trustworthy way, thus contributing to the design of economically viable as well sustainable industries.

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