Fluidyn VENTIL

Fluidyn VENTIL is a software family dedicated to the simulation of internal flows, fires and explosions in confined spaces and buildings. Based entirely on a 3D-CFD approach (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the modeling tools can estimate with high accuracy the air flow distribution in case of natual/forced ventilation, the gas/particle dispersion, the fire impact or the overpressure levels after an explosion . The full 3D simulation includes all contributing and mitigating effects in congested volumes and predicts much more accurately all the phenomena.

Fluidyn-VENTIL modules have been designed for engineers without expertise in Fluid Dynamics or numerical simulation while still allowing them to benefit of the state-of-the-art technology in CFD modelling. Solvers are fully integrated with user-friendly interface for pre processing phases (numerical model construction, source term definition, meshing…) and post processing phases (results analysis).





Fluidyn-VENTIL family is derived into several modules depending on the applications:


Fluidyn-VENTCLIM is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated to the ventilation, air conditionning and air quality in confined spaces at high resolution.

  • Air flow simulation inside buildings, rooms, congested volumes
  • HVAC simulation
  • Heat production and thermal analysis
  • Convection, conduction and radiation effects


Fluidyn-VENTEX is a 3D-CFD module dedicated to explosion in congested areas.   

  • Blast, Deflagration, Detonation
  • Flammable gas dispersion and cloud comustion in confined spaces 
  • ATEX volume assessment
  • Dust/Gas mixtures explosions
  • Pressure capacity blast
  • Solid explosive material
  • Structural resistance and deformation
  • Mitigation measure performance analysis
  • Post accident expertise


Fluidyn-VENTFIRE is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated to fire simulation in buildings, parkings, warehouses, road/rail tunnels, mines….   

  • Pool fire, jet fire, solid fire
  • Thermal fields analysis during a fire in a building
  • Toxic smoke propagation in confined spaces
  • Emergency extraction design
  • Fire detector layout optimization
  • Escape paths design
  • Mitigation measure performance analysis


Fluidyn-VENTUNNEL is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated to ventilation studies in road, rail and river tunnels for ….   

  • Air renewal
  • Traffic emissions evacuation
  • Toxic smoke propagation 
  • Emergency extraction design


Fluidyn-VENTMINE is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated to ventilation studies in mine and galleries network for   

  • Air renewal
  • Toxic smoke propagation 
  • Emergency extraction design