Fluidyn Software

Fluidyn offers a range of software in the field of 3D computational fluid dynamics(CFD).  The software has been grouped into 4 distinct categories viz. Fluidyn-MP ( Multi physics process modelling), Fluidyn-Panache(Atmospheric flow simulation), Fluidyn-Flowsol (Surface and subsurface water pollution modelling) and Fluidyn-Ventil (Enclosed space flow modelling).  The software deals with the environmental risks, accidental safety design in various industries, process and design optimisation spanning across sectors from aviation to pharmaceuticals, food industry etc. The credibility of the software and the accuracy of the results have been validated by our clients across the globe. 
Software have been designed for engineers without expertise in Fluid Dynamics or numerical simulation while still allowing them to benefit of the state-of-the-art technology in CFD modelling. The solvers are fully integrated with user-friendly interface for pre-processing phases (numerical model construction, source term definition, meshing) and post-processing phases (results analysis).


  • External and Internal Flows
  • Multi-phase Flows
  • Reactive Flows
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Coupling Fluids and Structures
  • Deflagration and Detonation
  • Magneto-Hydrodynamics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Rarefied Gas Dynamics


  • Toxic Gas dispersion
  • Flammable gas dispersion
  • Radionuclides Impact
  • Smoke dispersion
  • Industrial Impact on Air Quality
  • Urban Air Quality
  • Road Traffic Pollution Impact
  • Odour Impact
  • Real Time Prediction of Impact and Air Quality


  • Industrial Indoor Air Quality
  • Indoor Thermal Comfort
  • Rail and Road Tunnel Air Quality
  • Mine Network Ventilation
  • Fire Radiation and Smoke Dispersion inside Buildings
  • Explosion in confined spaces


  • Heat radiation modeling
  • Firewall design
  • Storage Fire
  • Pool Fire
  • Warehouse Fire





  • Water surface pollution
  • Accidental release in Rivers
  • Oil slick dispersion
  • Thermal plume in costal areas