Process optimization

Industrial Process Design and Optimization

In addition to access to comprehensive product and support resources, FLUIDYN provides to its customers the expertise of a team of highly dedicated engineers, with a strong expertise in modelling physical processes from routine to complex CFD 3D-simulations.

The solvers, numerical schemes and physical models are tailored to each specific application to ensure the best fit to the resolution of physical phenomena. The innovative strong coupling between Finite Volumes for Fluid flow resolution and Finite Elements for structural mechanics allows for a combined resolution of fluid and structure resolution even for highly transient phenomena. Transient phenomena are solved more efficiently if all aspects, ranging from CFD, stress analysis, heat transfer, electromagnetic to acoustics, are solved simultaneously. 

Industrial Process Design

In general we can offer:

  • Design to prototype modeling with the model archived with the design
  • Coupled process with environmental  impact, industrial risks modeling
  • Integrated system & 3D CFD process modeling
  • Quick availability of academic experts for understanding physics
  • Direct link to development team for numerical methods
  • Development of application dedicated software
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Multiphysical phenomena

The domains for which we can apply our expertise :

  • Multiphase, compressible and reactive flows
  • Fluid-structure interactions
  • Structural response : deformation and displacement of structures
  • Heat transfer and stresses
  • Electro-Chemo-magneto-hydrodynamics
  • Porous media
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Trusting FLUIDYN with your needs in modelling guarantees you : 

  • a team of expert engineers with a unique know-how
  • the access to state-of-the-art methods and solvers
  • a high-level technical response and reactivity to your needs
  • the possibility to develop for your consultancy study unique and specific physical models
  • the possibility to capitalize the experience gained into a specific numerical tool