Fluidyn PANACHE is a software family dedicated to the simulation of atmospheric pollutant dispersion and air quality prediction. Based entirely on a 3D-CFD approach (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the modeling tools can predict with high accuracy the gas/particle dispersion  both in the near field and far field.

Among all the features, Fluidyn-PANACHE takes into account the effects of buildings, complex topography,  land covers, weather conditions, atmospheric boundary layer, transient and chronic emission (gas, particles, dense gas, fire products, 2 phases releases…).

Fluidyn-PANACHE modules have been designed for engineers without expertise in Fluid Dynamics or numerical simulation while still allowing them to benefit of the state-of-the-art technology in CFD modelling. Solvers are fully integrated with user-friendly interface for pre processing phases (numerical model construction, source term definition, meshing…) and post processing phases (results analysis) .





Fluidyn-PANACHE family is derived into several modules depending on the applications:

Fluidyn PANEPR

Fluidyn-PANEPR is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated to the accidental dispersion modelling of gas or particles/ droplets over a complex terrain at high resolution.

  • Air flow simulation around obstacles and over topography
  • Toxic/Flamamble gas dispersion
  • Heavy/Hot/Dense releases
  • Multiples sources (stacks, point, areas, volume…)
  • Fire products dispersion
  • Optimization of mitigation measures
  • Radionuclides dispersion
  • Sensor network optimization
  • Acute human health exposure


Fluidyn-PANEIA is a 3D-CFD module dedicated to air impact modeling around industrial areas from near field to far field.   

  • Chronic emission modeling over complex terrain
  • Gas/Particle atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Odour concentration assessment
  • Simulation of the dry and wet deposition around plants
  • Optimization of the emission characteristics for impact limitation
  • Plume visibilty assessment
  • On-site and off-site sensor layout analysis
  • Legionella dispersion 
  • Radionuclides dispersion 
  • Hourly/Daily/Annualy impact modeling
  • Human health short term and long term exposure


Fluidyn-PANROAD is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated to atmospheric impact modeling of road traffic pollution.   

  • Traffic pollution modeling over complex terrain at high resolution
  • Air quality from the district scale to city level
  • Road networks, public transport, tunnel exit, Hourly/Daily/Annualy traffic emissions impact
  • Simulation of air quality improvement measures (speed regulation, traffic limitation, road deviation, …)
  • Human health exposure assessment
  • Regulatory compliance analysis


Fluidyn-PANAIR is a 3D-CFD module dedicated to urban air quality.   

  • Air quality from the street level to city level
  • Modelling the contribution of various pollutant source inventories (industry, roads, heating, harbour…)
  • Air pollution modeling over complex terrain at high resolution
  • Simulation of the urban planning impact on air quality
  • Air monitoring sensor layout optimization
  • Short term and long term human health exposure assessment 
  • Regulatory compliance analysis


Fluidyn-PANWIND is a 3D-CFD tool dedicated  to the wind flows simulation in urban areas.  

  • Wind flow patterns around buildings and obstacles
  • Wind characteristics assessment (direction, average speed, turbulence intensity, pressure on buildings, …)
  • Improvement of the pedestrian comfort around buildings  
  • Local climatology analysis
  • Validation of natural ventilation in buildings
  • Local wind production assessment for urban wind turbines