HVAC / Ventilation / Indoor Air Quality

Through the fluidyn-VENTIL range of software, FLUIDYN simulation services include the diagnosis of air flow inside confined spaces and evaluation of the HVAC efficiency in normal conditions or emergency situations. 

With our years of experience, our consultancy teams can help you in assessing accurately the needs in ventilation of your project (workfloor, tertiary building, etc). Thanks to the panel of numerical simulation solutions that we have developped, our consultants can offer you the support you need.

Internal air quality

In the context of intenal air quality assessment in work places and industrial workfloors, our experts can provide you:

  • Simulation of the air flow inside confined buildings due to forced or natural ventilation
  • Coupling with the external air flow and wind calculations
  • Evaluation and quantification of air renewal rates and possible recirculation zones
  • Advice on improvement of the ventilation systems keeping energy efficiency in mind
  • Dispersion of pollutants emitted inside the confined spaces due to human occupancy or industrial processes
  • Coupling with the external air quality, transfer of gaseous pollutants and particles from outdoor to indoor. 

Thermal and aeraulic comfort

Indoor air quality is one of the major concerns regarding its impact on urban population health. At home or at work, the need for a correct renewal of air while managing a temperature controlled and secure environment requires a careful design of the ventilation required. Our consultancy team can assist you in the following fields : 

  • Evaluation of the indoor air velocities and temperatures and comparison with the thresholds of comfort for human occupancy
  • Quantification of air renewal rates and possible recirculation zones
  • Advice on improvement of the ventilation systems keeping energy efficiency in mind.

Emergency ventilation

In case of an accidental release of pollutants inside a confined space or of a fire emitting smokes, an emergency ventilation could be designed to evacuate in the safest possible way the harmful substances. In this case, FLUIDYN simulations provide a valuable help in assessing the various functions of this emergency ventilation : 

  • Transient simulation of the emergency ventilation
  • Estimation of the time required for the detection of the release or fire
  • Performance analysis of the emergency ventilation
  • Smoke stratification
  • Opening of venting parts when a thershold temperature is reached

Tunnels and mines

For interconnected rooms and galleries, our high-experienced consultants can offer you:

  • Modelling of the air flow inside rail, road, river tunnels with natural ventilation and forced acceleration and extraction
  • Disturbances of the flow generated by trains and vehicles
  • Simulation of traffic pollution inside and at the ends
  • Fire and smoke distribution with emergency ventilation 
  • Regulatory compliance of the urban air quality
  • Healthy benefits of various regulation measures (traffic speed regulation, traffic reduction, smoky vehicles selection criteria…)
  • Emergency planning in case of an accidental / malevolent situation