Since 1987

TRANSOFT was founded in France in 1987 with the aim of offering state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics  (CFD) modelling numerical tools through a innovative series of software with the brand name FLUIDYN. The major themes :

Soon after its creation, the first sister company was created in 1989 in Bangalore, India. The technical center is directed at the development of the FLUIDYN softwares as well as performing consultancy services and support for local customers.

Since 2001

Acknowledging the need to expand the expert consultancy services asked by our clients, the FLUIDYN companies were created in 2001 to provide services solutions with the Fluidyn series of softwares :

A number of partners have become part of our professional biotope over the years.

Working with academic and industrial research groups, we hope to continue providing new numerical methods for advanced applications in a sustainable world.