Webinar_Revised MoEF Guidelines


Revised MoEF Guidelines for Environmental Clearance

Date : 11 Jan 2024
Time : 3 p.m - 5 p.m IST

Ways to address them | Strategies to align with them

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), India has recently mandated the incorporation of an Emergency Response Preparatory protocol. As of October 2023, two additional points have been introduced in the Specific Conditions for Environmental Clearance for Industry-2 category. The recently added conditions talk about Risk Mitigation and F&G Mapping for leak detection that allow a more efficient identification of high-risk areas based on process hazard analysis, ultimately leading to improved safety measures. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Simulations holds immense promise for revolutionising industrial safety. Fluidyn has organized this free Webinar to explain the importance of the revised guidelines from MOEF, Risk based approach, CFD technology for F&G mapping etc,.

Webinar Topics

  • Description on MoEF additional guidelines and how it ensures safety
  • Risk based Fire and Gas Mapping (F&G) approach
  • Shifting from prescriptive to risk based approach
  • CFD simulation technique for F&G mapping
  • Utilization of quantitative risk assessment (QRA) technique for F&G mapping
  • Award winning and most efficient and proven methodologies by Fluidyn

Our Expert Panel

Dr Claude Souprayen

Skills: Fluid Mechanics Geophysics (stratified, turbulent…), Industrial Risk Assessment, Health Safety Environment Auditing, Urban Air Quality Analysis and Water Resources Management

Krishna Prasad

Skills: Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling,  Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),  Hazard Consequence Modelling, Development of auxiliary models for accidental dispersion of hazardous gases