Under the high patronage of Emmanuel Macron

The largest show on solutions for the environment

Date: 10-13 October, 2022, Lyon Eurexpo, France

Fluidyn will be presenting two innovations on this occasion

Fluidyn-SENSORMAP : SENSORMAP is dedicated to atmospheric emissions monitoring by inverse modeling of sensor data. By CFD-3D calculation of outdoor/indoor dispersions on complex domains (city/industry), it ensures optimal network deployment and then, by continuous inversion of measurement batches, it produces maps of distributed sources (roads/housing/industries) or point sources (leaks). Used for industries impact and risks (leaks/IAQ/OAQ) and/or on an urban scale for OAQ and GHG assessments. 

Fluidyn-BFC :Fluidyn-BFC is a numerical platform dedicated to battery and fuel cell modeling. Featuring a simplified interface accessible even to non-technical audience, and multiphysics solvers describing the complete phenomenology of such systems, it covers the simulation needs of all industrial actors in electromobility and energy storage, from optimization in the design phase to thermal management and real-time risk analysis in the operating phase.