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Accident Risk and Consequences, Environmental Impact software


fluidyn-PANACHE is a family of atmospheric pollution dispersion modelling software. These software have been designed for engineers without expertise in Fluid Dynamics or numerical simulation while still allowing them to benefit of the state-of-art technology in CFD modelling. Solvers are fully integrated with user-friendly interface and graphic output. They can evaluate the contribution of multiple sources to air pollution simultaneously, including the vehicles, industries and urban areas.

fluidyn-PANAIR is a module dedicated to urban air quality.fluidyn-PANROAD aims to predict the road traffic pollution impact on air quality. fluidyn-PANEIA is a module specialized in environmental impact assessment of industrial sites on air quality.


Accident Risk and Consequences Environmental Impact software Accident Risk and Consequences Environmental Impact software


Salient Features :

  • fluidyn-PANACHE can model a very complex hilly and urban terrain with the help of an Integrated GIS model. It can also import external GIS files
  • Mesh system is automatically generated espousing the contours of the topography, buildings and several levels of refinement depending on the precision required on various areas
  • fluidyn-PANACHE solves the mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations for both gas and particles in various kinds of atmospheric flows. Pollutants are transported by a combination of Puff, Lagrangian and Eulerian algorithms
  • Several thermo-chemical models are included to model transportation and atmospheric chemistry. A large data base of several hundred chemicals, radioactive elements is included
  • Similarity theories and surface heat flux model have been used for atmospheric boundary layer and natural convection from natural terrain having, forests, water bodies, urban areas, roads etc..
  • Various boundary conditions and different meteorological modules with multiple monitoring stations are incorporated to develop flow pattern
  • It considers Continuous and Instantaneous sources that can be point, linear, surface or even large accidental releases such as fires or containment losses
  • Advanced Post Processing utility to visualize and analyse the results.


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