E-Conclave on Fostering Cyclone Resilience in
Industries, Infrastructures and Communities

Date: 28-30 January, 2021

Organized by: Chemical & Industrial Disaster Management (CIDM) Board FICCI, in partnership with National Disaster Management Authority, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister's office, Govt. of India

Dr Sharad Tripathi, CEO, Fluidyn, will do a presentation on

Cyclone Impacts on Establishments and Infrastructure

Risk Assessment and Modelling : Approach and Recommendations

Date: 28-January, 2021

Technical Session 1 - Time: 12:45 PM - 01:45 PM (IST)

The satellite imagery has brought some degree of forecasting of the intensity of a cyclone, sufficiently in advance. It can be efficiently used to model not only the wind and rain storm load in general but also ensure continued functioning of critical infrastructures such as airports, stations, hospitals for bringing in relief and power stations for power supply for hospitals, public utilities etc.

Detailed modelling of large public buildings- train stations, hospitals, airport terminals, etc., and their support dependence under varying wind load or other secondary effects such as flooding, fire, impact from flying objects can help better design and prevent damage to such equipment and openings. We'll explore some recent accidents such as Fukushima nuclear reactors, tropical hurricane on airport buildings etc. where modelling has helped in improving the safety.

Dr .Sharad Tripathi

Presenter: Dr. Sharad Tripathi