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Consultancy Fluidyn VENTIL & VENTMINE, Ventilation in Buildings, Tunnels and Mines

Fluidyn-VENTIL HVAC, Confined & Semi-confined Dispersion, Fire, Explosion




With fluidyn-VENTIL we're able to simulate the air flow in internal spaces and heat exchange with external air. VENTIL takes care of interaction between the air flow and complex geometries such as structure, equipment and pipe network. This software is also suitable for industrial design architects.


fluidyn-VENTMINE is a self-contained software package designed especially for the simulation of mine ventilation. By using well-established fluid dynamics principles, it predicts the spread of different types of pollutants released into the mine under different conditions. Pollutant dispersion is influenced by the prevailing terrain and weather conditions. To conduct the simulation, the user is invited to supply all the relevant data via a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The simulation results can be viewed in graphic details, thanks to the post-processing facilities included in the package.


This software was primarily developed to find out the dispersion of pollutants (especially radioactive materials) inside a tunnel / mine. But there are several options for modelling:

  • Tunnels,
  • Ventilation ducts,
  • Mining shafts,
  • Blowers,
  • Airlocks,
  • and other monitoring points...


Software :

  • helps to reduce the energy consumption of a building by optimizing the air flow and heat exchange,

  • improves the indoor air quality by ensuring a proper air circulation,

  • analyzes the continuous and industrial risks by determining the concentration zones of pollutants, gas or particles.


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