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Our software are tailored for design engineers primarily, requiring minimal numerical input data. Choice of multiple solver options, with clear guidelines for choosing the best for expected physical process or flow regimes, is offered. User also has access to several related technical domains simultaneously, integrated in the same software.


FLUIDYN software user gets opportunity to exercise and enhance his engineering knowledge in other domains. Thus a CFD engineer can develop stress analysis know-how and vice versa or an expert in air pollution can also expand his horizon to water pollution as multiple domains are accessible through the same User Menu. This also ensures a better and efficient usage of modelling talent in an organization as the same engineer can perform multiple kinds of analysis tasks.


For users working often on designing of similar equipments, a validated and proven model can be reused to define default parameters and a restricted menu for future usage.



Fluid Dynamics & Multi-physics software


CFD has still not reached that stage where one single solver or turbulence model will give good results for all flow regimes as it may be the case in stress analysis. To prioritize correct and reliable results before ease of use or fast calculation times, FLUIDYN software user is invited to use different CFD solvers on the same problem to eliminate numerical errors he may suspect. FLUIDYN software are also known, since 1991, for specialization in coupling fluid mechanics, often in Finite Volumes, with other engineering disciplines, such as stress analysis, acoustics and heat transfer modeled in Finite Elements. Modelling tools like for acoustics, electrochemistry, magneto-hydrodynamics and free molecular dynamics by direct Monte Carlo simulation (DSMC) are also available.


We also realized that very often a modelling engineer is required to spend considerable amount of time & effort in understanding a problem from the design engineer. Thus lately we separated the task of data preparation and results analysis from modelling. Onus of defining the problem correctly on the geometry model with boundary conditions, material data, loads etc.. and then verifying the results is shifted to the design engineer by using fluidyn-CAE. Modelling engineer can directly use this prepared model for running it in fluidyn-MP with appropriate choice of numerical parameters and solvers. Thus responsibilities between the design and modelling engineers are clearly defined and fit better to their domain knowledge besides saving time in information transfer. 



Environment & Risk software

For our application dedicated software designed for environment &  risk analysis, we have been pioneers since 1991. We worked with socially responsible industrial organizations in devising strategies to simulate industrial accidents so as to understand their consequences and propose mitigating measures. Many of the mathematical simulation techniques, we initially developed and validated for attenuating effect of nuclear- chemical- biological arms, have been usefully converted into tools for traffic and industrial pollution dispersion simulation.  


We feel that time has arrived to demonstrate economic viability of new environment friendly technology. This is possible only when mathematical simulations give quantitatively reliable results and not just broad indicators. In the same way, in case of accidents- chemical, petrochemical, nuclear, it should be possible to guide fire fighters by real time prediction of consequences so risk free mitigation measures can be adopted by fire fighters.


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