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Software Licensing Policy 




Industrial Licenses :

FLUIDYN software have been developed over last 20 years with no external financing. It has given the software not only enough maturity of several years of testing but also an unassailable pricing advantage. With all income reinvested in further software development and no dividends payable to anyone, we can ensure that Fluidyn software stay systematically the best and at lowest price level in the market 



Research & Academic Licenses :

As our software are technically ahead of the market, they are used for engineering research by academic as well as industrial organizations. To encourage publications of such research, if it is fully published and made available to our industrial users, we offer academic license at no cost except man-time contribution from us. Often it amounts to 2-5 days of work for a delivery engineer and for training in usage of the software.


Further to encourage research students to present such papers in conferences, we also offer travel support if the research paper is fairly advanced.


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