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Atmospheric studies in Environmental Pollution, Real Time & Industrial Risk Analysis


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Sharad Tripathi

3D models for energy saving, real time leak detection, fires & explosions

2017, HICC


Oil Asia Group

Krishna Prasad,    Sharad Tripathi,    Claude Souprayen

CFD Applications for risk preparedness, sensor mapping performance, real-time monitoring and emergency response: Case studies and innovative technologie

August 10 - 11, 2016

Oil Asia Publications Private Limited

Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology

Alberto Mazzoldi,Earth Science Division,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,Berkeley,CA*
David Picard, Papagudi G. Sriram, Clearstone Engineering Ltd,Calgary Alberta  *
Curtis M.Oldenburg,Earth Sciences Division,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,Berkeley,CA
Simulation-based estimates of safety distances for pipeline transportation of Carbon Dioxide Oct2012, Modeling and Analysis, Online Publication

Srikanth Madala1, A.N.V.Satyanarayana1, V.Krishna Prasad 2

1. Centre for Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences, I.I.T. Kharagpur, India 2.FLUIDYN FLUIDYN France

Micro-Scale Dispersion of Air Pollutants over an Urban Setup in a Coastal Region

2012, Open Journal of Air Pollution, 51-58

Inderscience Publication

Jean-MarieLibre1, Stéphanie Guérin1, Aldo Castellari1, AmitaTripathi2, Malo Leguellec2, Thibault Mailliard2, Claude Souprayen2;

1: TOTAL E&P; 2: FLUIDYN France

Source determination in congested environment through Bayesian inference


IJEP 48_1-4_Paper 19

Sumitomo Chemicals R&D report "Sumitomo Kagaku" vol. 2011 -1

Eisaburo Miyata, Shigeki Mori

Optimization of gas detector locations by application of atmospheric dispersion modelling tool.

2011, Japan

14th Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes

Jean-Marie Livre1, Stéphanie Guérin1, Brahima Konaté1, Aldo Castellari1, Cédrick Mames1, Malo Le Guellec2, Thibault Mailliard2, Amita Tripathi2, Claude Souprayen2, Olivier Connan3, C.Leroy3, P.Laguionie3, P.Defenouillère3, B.Letellier3, D.Hébert3, Denis Maro3. 1:TOTAL E&P, 2:FLUIDYN, 3:IRSN - France

Validation Compaign of a CFD Tool on a Petrochemical site with Wind Fluctuations integration

2-6 Oct 2011, Kos, Greece

14th Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes

Malo Le Guellec1, Patrick Armand2, Guillaume Vaton1, Cluade Souprayen1. 1:FLUIDYN, 2:CEA,DAM,DIF France

Toxic release of event reconstruction in a rail station by CFD simulations and Bayesian inference

2-6 Oct 2011, Kos, Greece


R.B.Oza1, V.D.Puranik1, H.S.Kushwaha1, Krishna Prasad2, Arun Murthy2. 1:BARC, 2:FLUIDYN

Dispersion of Radionuclides and Radiological Dose Computation over a Mesoscale Domain using Weather Forecast and CFD model

September 2010, Washington D.C. U.S.A.


Jean-Marie Libre, Amita Tripathi, Malo Le Guellec, Thibault Mailliard, Stéphanie Guérin, Claude Souprayen, Aldo Castellari

Dispersion of Accidental Release of H2S on a Gas production site followed in real-time by 3D modelling

June 2010


Jean-Marie Libre, Malo Le Guellec, Amita Tripathi,

Thibault Mailliard, Stéphanie Guérin, Claude Souprayen, Aldo Castellari

Source Determination in Congested Environment Through Bayesian Inference

1-4 June 2010, Paris France

Mine VentilationConference, to be held at New Delhi

Sharad Gupta, Abinash Baruah,Vidhuresh S, and Anil Kumar K. R

Modeling of Gaseous Explosions in Confined and Unconfined Volume

November 2009, Bangalore, India

Mine Ventilation Conference, to be held at New Delhi

Nitesh Goyal, Krishna Prasad, Anil Kumar K.R.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Ventilation Inside an Underground Mine

April 14 2009Bangalore, India

Colloque Franco-Tunisien Maîtrise du Risque Technologique et Environnemental dans l'Energie et les Industries Lourdes

Claude Souprayen, Amita Tripathi

Conception des Sites Industriels grâce à la Simulation Numérique

Décembre 10 -11 2007Tunis, Tunisia

11th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for regulatory purposes

Richard HILL, Alistair ARNOTT Westlakes Scientific Consulting on behalf of Fluidyn / Transoft

Field and Wind Tunnel Evaluation of CFD Model PANACHE - PANEIA Predictions of local dispersion from an area source on a complex industrial site

July 2 -5 2007Cambridge, UK

CHISA 2006: 17th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering


Prevention of explosion occurrence in a compressor room using numerical simulation of methane leakage and deflagration

August 27 -31 2006Praha, Czech Republic

International Conference on Safety in Tunnels organised by Tunnel Management International

Benjamin Truchot, Amita Tripathi

3D simulation of a fire inside a river tunnel and optimisation of ventilation using Computational Fluid Dynamics

May 2006

European Wind Energy Conference, London UK

Moris Habip

Assessing Wind Turbine Potential thanks to CFD

November 2004

ICADP conference

Sharad Tripathi and K. R. Anil Kumar

Detonation of a Reactive Gas Mixture in an Enclosure including the Fluid-Structure Interaction

July 2004


Jean Claude Couronneau


Mise en ouvre de la nouvelle approche d’analyse des risques dans les installations classées Principaux généraux pour l’élaboration des études de dangers

March 2004

Workshop of Merging Mesoscale and Computational Fluid Dynamics organised by AMS Committee on Meteorological Aspect of Air Pollution, UK

Amita TripathiTransoft International

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Mesoscale Modelling Techniques for Solving Complex Air Pollution Problems

January 2004

41st International petroleum conference, Bratislava

Jean Claude Couronneau, Amita TripathiTransoft International

Implementation of the new approach of the risk analysis in France

October 2003

Fifth International Conference on Safety in Road and Rail TunnelsMarseille

Moris Habip, Sharad Tripathi,Claude Souprayen, Yves DagbaTransoft International

CFD Model of Fire inside a Tunnel


CNRI AFTP/CEPM/GEP Conference on Petrol & Gas 2010Bourges

Sharad Tripathi, Arun Murthy, Alain Hodin, K. Suresh, Anup Ghosh Transoft International

Shock wave Propagation due to Methane-Air Mixture Explosion and Effect on a Concrete Enclosure

October 2003

AWMA ( Air & Waste Management Conference), San Diego

Prof. Akula Venkatram, University of California, Riverside, CA, USA ShivaNagendra, Amita Tripathi, Transoft International

Comparison and Performance Evaluation of CFD based Numerical Model and Gaussian based Models for Urban Air Quality Prediction

June 2003

World Gas Conference Tokyo

Claude Souprayen,Transoft InternationalYves Bramoullé, TotalFinaElf Gas & Power - Technology Division – Gas Department DirectorFranck Chevallier, TotalFinaElf Gas & Power - HSE Division – Safety Engineer

A new concept for LNG Import Terminals in Response to the New Security and Safety Challenges

June 2003

Eurodeur 2003Paris

Amita Tripathi, Claude SouprayenTransoft International

Applications de la Mécanique des fluides à la modélisation de la dispersion des odeurs

June 2003

Euronoise Conference Naples

S.Ducruix,A.Tripathi and S.KrishnamurthyTransoft International

A numerical tool for aircraft engine noise in flight conditions

May 2003

2nd regional conference on energy technology towards a clean environment, Phukhet Thailand

A.Tripathi, A. Murthy, M. Gils Transoft International

Environmental impact simulation of a domestic waste incinerator.

February 2003

DEWEK Wind Energy Conference, Wilhelmshaven

S. Tripathi and M. Habip Transoft International

Energy Potential Prediction by Numerically Generated Wind Field Atlas

October 2002


A.TripathiS.TripathiTransoft International

Explosion Simulations in industrial risk studies:Numerical modelling of the explosion of the AZF factory, Toulouse

October 2001

Ercoftac Workshop Ecole central de Lyon

Amita TripathiTransoft International

Numerical Schemes of Fluidyn Panache for solution of3D wind field & pollutant dispersion over complex terrain

September 2001

4th International Symposium on Transport & Air Pollution, Avignon

José Lise, Transoft InternationalLaurent CarrieAdeme

Validation of fluidyn PANROAD using a measurement data set made ona french motorway

June 1997

Chemputers Europe III Conference & ExhibitionFrankfurt

Sharad Tripathi, Guy MonoteArun MurthyTransoft International

Fire modelling in enclosed areas: fluidyn-PANFIRE a CFD tool for risk assessment

October 1996

Computing in Environmental Resource Management,EPA

José Lise, Andreas
Stassinopoulos, Sharad Tripathi
Transoft International

Dispersion & Photochemical Reaction of NOx in Urban Areas

October 96

Congrès Environnement organised by RFM, Paris

Transoft International

Simulation de la pollution atmosphérique et des phénomènes acoustiques

March 1996

Urban Air Quality Monitoring& Modelling University ofHartfordshire UK

S.Tripathi, G.Monoté José LiseTransoft International

Complex Terrain CFD modelling with PANACHE


4th Workshop on harmonization within atmospheric dispersion modelling for regulatory purposes, Oostende, Belgium

S.TripathiTransoft International

Near field dispersion of pollutants on a complex urban terrain of heavy gases by fluidyn Panache


Pollution & Environment Technology , Indonesia

José Lise, G.Monoté, Arun MurthyTransoft International

Photochemical Dispersion of Nox in Urban areas


Air pollution IV, Monitoring, Simulation & Control, Toulouse

José Lise, Guy Monoté, Arun MurthyTransoft International

Fluidyn Panchem, a model for photochemistry and urban air quality


CNRS Congress on New Tendancies for environmental modelling Paris 1996

José Lise

Modelling applications in Environmental Sciences


Euronoise 1995

Marie Francoise RenardTransoft International

Simulation acoustique de l'impact environnemental des activités humaines sous conditions meteorologiques quelconques



D.Barthod, P.AniruddhaP.K. Pandey Transoft International

Computer Simulation for Water & Soil Pollution

April 1995

Air Pollution Conference

Piyush PANDEY & José LISE Transoft International

Photochemical dispersion of NOx in urban areas


Eurodeur 1995

José LISETransoft International

Identification d'une source d'odeur par modélisation


Wessex Institute Conference


Pollution dispersion in urban areas


International Conference on Environment & Development Malaysia

D.Barthod, P.Aniruddha, P.K.Pandey

Computer Simulation of pollution dispersion in the environment


Seminar on evaluation of models of heavy gas dispersion organized by European Commission , Möl,Belgium


Evaluation of fluidyn Panache on heavy gas dispersion test case


Emission Conference

TRANSOFT International

Variations in the concentrations of constituents in Panache

October 1993

International Symposium on CFD, Sendai, Japan

P.Aniruddha, K.Charan&S.Tripathi Transoft International

A second order scheme for transient atmospheric dispersion study

September 1993

Air Pollution Congress, Monterrey, Mexico

V. Prabhakar, P.Aniruddha & T.C. Arun Murthy
Transoft International

A Hydro-meteorological model for the calculation of Sulphur-dioxide wash down from a steady chimney plume


Atmospheric pollutions at local and regional scale, ENS Cachan France

D.Barthod, P.Aniruddha

Prediction of plume dispersion in a complex terrain covered with a dense vegetation