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CFD based Multiphysics / Fluid Flow / Conjugate Heat Transfer / Fluid Structure Interaction / Simulation Studies


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Lankadasu A, Anil Kumar. FLUIDYN-India, 

Numerical Prediction of Poly-dispersed Condensation Using Quadrature Method of Moments and Multi-fluid Method




Prithvi Mandapalli,  Suresh Krishnamurty.  FLUIDYN India


Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures subjected to Impact Loading




Durga Prasad1, Laurent Krumenacker21:FLUIDYN-India, 2: FLUIDYN France. 


Prediction and Optimization of Particle Trajectories in an Industrial


2016, MNNITA


Anjaneyulu Lankadasu1, Amita Tripathi2, Samuel Saysset3, Angeles Yackow3 and Bruno De La Roussiere4

1:FLUIDYN-India. 2:FLUIDYN France.  3:GDFSuez 4.Entrepose Contracting

CFD Modelling of Leak of Liquid CO2 from High Pressure Containments and subsequent Atmospheric Dispersion


SMiRT 21

VikramShukla1, Prashant2, AnilKumarKR2,SunilGanju1, SGMarkandeya1, ArunMurthyTC2.1: BARC. 2:FLUIDYN

Development of a CFD Based Analytical Model for the Passive Catalytic Recombiners for Hydrogen Mitigation in Indian Nuclear Power Plants

6-11 November 2011



AshutoshKumar1, MeryllLevet2,Claude Souprayen2, AnilKumar1, LiamWorth3, Robert Pearce3. 1:Fluidyn India, 2:Fluidyn France, 3:ITER France

CFD Analysis oftwo-Phase Flow Through Micro-Channel Using Homogeneous Equilibrium Model (HEM ) 

4-9 September 2011 Fukuoka, Japan


20èmeCongrés Français de Mécanique

J.Hamburger, A.Murthy, A.Kumar

Validation of a MHD Module for Conductive Fluids in Square Duct up to High Hartmann Numebers

29 Août au 2 Sept 2011, Besançon

64th IUVSTA Workshop

Amita Tripathi

CFD Modelling of Liquid Pressurized Water and Phase Change Through Leaks in Micro-Cracks in Vacuum Cooling System: Quantitative Estimates and Comparisons With Analytical Solutions

May 16-19, 2011, ITEP

15th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium

J. Hamburger, Guillaume Vaton, Amita Tripathi,  Arun Murthy, Anil Kumar, Bobby Kaushik

Simultaneous modelling of a low speed wall entrained film (wiping process), and a turbulent jet at high speed impacting the film

September 13-15, 2010, St. Paul, MN

Mine Ventillation Conference, to be held at New Delhi

Sharad Gupta, Abinash Baruah,Vidhuresh S, and Anil Kumar K. R

Modeling of Gaseus Explosions in Confined and Unconfined Volume

November 2009Bangalorea

NAFEMS World Congress 2009,in Crete

K.V.Murlidhar, P.S.Nair, Anil Kumar K.R.

Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis of an Airship Structure

January 1 2009Bangalore

Seventh Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference

Rajesh Kumar, P.Jain, S.Ramesh, J.Hamburger

Transonic Flutter Analysis using a CoupledFluid-Structure Interaction Method

November 2007

Bangalore, India

CHISA 2006: 17th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering

Jérôme Hamburger, Anil Kumar, Amita Tripathi and Moris Habip

Prevention of explosion occurrence in a compressor room using numerical simulation of methane leakage and deflagration

August27 -31 2006Praha

European Wind Energy Conference, London UK

Moris Habip

Assessing Wind Turbine Potential thanks to CFD

November 2004

On Board Energetic Equipment Conference, Avignon

Anil Kumar,Amita Tripathi

Tank Burst Modeling

October 2004

ICADP conference

Sharad Tripathi andK. R. Anil Kumar

Detonation of a Reactive Gas Mixture in an Enclosure including the Fluid-Structure Interaction

July 2004

ICADP conference

K. R. Anil Kumar, T. C. Arun Murthy, K. Suresh, P. Pillai, and A. Tripathi

Modeling of Deflagration and Explosion coupled with the Structural Response

July 2004


Jean Claude Couronneau

Mise en ouvre de la nouvelle approche d’analyse des risques dans les installations classées Principaux généraux pour l’élaboration des études de dangers

March 2004

41st International petroleum conference, Bratislava

Jean Claude Couronneau, Amita TripathiTransoft International

Implementation of the new approach of the risk analysis in France

October 2003

Fifth International Conference on Safety in Road and Rail TunnelsMarseille

Moris Habip, Sharad Tripathi,Claude Souprayen, Yves DagbaTransoft International

CFD Model of Fire inside a Tunnel


CNRI AFTP/CEPM/GEP Conference on Petrol & Gas 2010Bourges

Sharad Tripathi, Arun Murthy, Alain Hodin, K. Suresh, Anup Ghosh Transoft International

Shock wave Propagation due to Methane-Air Mixture Explosion and Effect on a Concrete Enclosure

October 2003

World Gas Conference Tokyo

Claude Souprayen,Transoft InternationalYves Bramoullé, TotalFinaElf Gas & Power - Technology Division – Gas Department DirectorFranck Chevallier, TotalFinaElf Gas & Power - HSE Division – Safety Engineer

A new concept for LNG Import Terminals in Response to the New Security and Safety Challenges

June 2003

Euronoise Conference Naples

S.Ducruix, A.Tripathi and S.Krishnamurthy Transoft International

A numerical tool for aircraft engine noise in flight conditions

May 2003

DEWEK Wind Energy Conference, Wilhelmshaven

S. Tripathi and M. Habip Transoft International

Energy Potential Prediction by Numerically Generated Wind Field Atlas

October 2002

4th ISHPMIE Bourges

S.Tripathi Transoft International

Explosion simulations in industrial risk studies using 3D CFD coupled with structural analysis

October 2002


A.Tripathi, S.TripathiTransoft International

Explosion Simulations in industrial risk studies:Numerical modelling of the explosion of the AZF factory, Toulouse

October 2001