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Support to Academies



For R&D projects, we offer:

  • State-of-the-art methods and know-how by multi-pronged team.
  • Close contacts with academic world that also assist in software development.
  • Commitment to excellence by 2 decades long continuous R&D investment.
  • Reputation for tackling challenging cases and never leaving a project half finished.


We also have an internal mobility program whereby engineers working on software development are required to work in consultancy and vice versa to ensure cross culture of domain knowledge of physics and of numerical methods. This gives our engineers a unique insight in the numerical method for their advantages/ limitations for any engineering application.


For large projects such as involving fluid flow heat exchange with structures or fluid/ structure interaction, engineers from different disciplines such as stress analysis & CFD can develop and test-run parts of the same model separately and then run the whole model jointly. 


When working on a consultancy assignment for a client, we offer him our Pre- and Post- processor software fluidyn–CAE free to. It helps them define the problem directly on the geometry model and also comment on the results on daily basis without waiting for formal reports. Thus ensuring that model data conforms to your problem and results are immediately available to you.



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