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AUTOMOBILE - Engine, aerodynamics, acoustics, combustion for :

  • Flow past automobiles

  • IC Engine analysis - thermal and flow modelling

  • Combustion chamber deformation

  • Fuel reservoir crash, hydraulic breaking system

  • Ventilation inside the factory and automobiles

  • Traffic emission of pollutants

  • Environmental awareness, environmental compliance

  • HVAC studies for auto factory and automobile



Automotive Industries:

  • Combustion

  • Chamber deformation

  • Fuel reservoir crash

  • Hydraulic braking systems

  • Aerodynamics

  • Automotive and ground transportation

  • Break cooling

  • Climate and comfort control (heat transfer)

  • Engine air-flow and combustion (thermodynamics, fuel mixing)

  • Filtration and separation

  • Flow induced noise (confined area/external noise)

  • Fuel systems (piping, fluid flow, combustion)

  • Manufacturing processes (designing and deformation simulations)

  • Rotating machinery

  • Thermal management (body aerodynamics)



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