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Specific Software Development

As TRANSOFT / FLUIDYN group has been developing simulation software for more than 20 years. Development norms have been refined for client specific modelling software too. Such software may be useful :

  • If a process simulation requires integrating client specific physics or parameters. In this case, existing software can be modified or additional modules integrated with the source software. Client may also be given access to updated source or appropriate guarantees on source accessibility for several years.
  • If the process simulation is often required with minor changes in parameters, then the model can be redesigned by having most of the numerical parameters, including mesh generation, by default. Design dimensions and parameters are input in such a case in a user simplified dedicated menu.
  • If manpower cost for using available simulation software is disproportionately high, when the modelling requirements are not very frequent, keeping man power trained in software usage and in following simulation technology becomes unnecessarily high. It is easier to have a simulation model converted in simplified access software so a design engineer, and not a modelling engineer, can do the job himself.


In certain cases, FLUIDYN may also share the development cost, also if the resulting software can be used for other applications or clients.