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FLUIDYN has been investigating the multiphysics approach to modelling for the last 17 years. As a result, the FLUIDYN series is one of the unique commercial packages currently available offering the latest in strong, Finite Volume- Finite Element, coupling of fluids with structures.


Some sample areas of consultancy are:

  • Fluid flow with heat transfer (fluidyn-MP-NS & -CHT),
  • Fluid flow, with heat transfer and Fluid-Structure interaction (fluidyn-MP-NS & -CHT & -FSI),
  • Fluid-Structure interaction with Electromagnetism (fluidyn-MP & -CHT & -FSI & EMG),
  • Simultaneous multiple flow regimes: Incompressible flow with Localized shocks,
  • Heat conduction & thermal stress in complex structures with convection and radiation,
  • Coupling of acoustic and structural modes on flow in process.


Some typical studies undertaken are:

  • Sloshing of compressible fluid with surface tension
  • Opening of security valve
  • Thermal analysis of Petrochemical risers and Heat Exchangers
  • Heat Exchanger with very long pipes in a domestic waste-heat incinerator
  • Conduction and Natural Convection over electronic chips and motherboards
  • Flow of a thin liquid film on the wall of a tube against a counter-current gas stream
  • Crack propagation in reactor structure
  • Free surface flow with surface tension
  • Source calculation for pipeline and storage tank leaks interactions and coupling