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Simulation & Modelling, Industrial Process Design


Domain knowledge : As most industrial process requires optimisation of various physical phenomena, FLUIDYN engineers are not classified by one field such as stress or CFD engineer. They are required to specialize, besides fluid mechanics, in one or more disciplines like structural response, thermal engineering, acoustic response, electromagnetic resistance, rarefied gas dynamics, magneto-hydrodynamics etc..


Quality control Results : Primary objective of such modelling is of course to furnish credible results having gone through a proper quality control. Data input and Results verification is done by a second team, often physically distant, to ensure a ruthless rigor in quality control. A quality control document can be seen at our technical centers or a copy of the summary of the document can be furnished if required.


Model Quality : Our commitment is to furnish all details and physical models used in modeling. For advanced R&D projects, software source modification can be done if advised by an academic partner, by our user-support development team. This is done on a fast track and the software is modified with necessary quality control under a different protocol than the regular development schedule.


FLUIDYN has delivered a number of highly advanced projects by introducing novel algorithms, designed for a specific project only. A reference list can be furnished if required.


Optimisation in a Design cycle : Whenever a model needs to be integrated in design cycle, we furnish model in such a way that a design engineer, who may not have such simulation know-how himself, can do parametric variations in the model. This is done by offering a temporary license of our fluidyn-CAE software having model and a tutorial to help in using the software.


As fluidyn-CAE is a CAD based software, a user can interactively change model dimensions, material properties, load, for any other design parameter. Resulting input data, prepared automatically by fluidyn-MP, can be rerun by the design engineer on our multiphysics simulation platform fluidyn-MP on his own computer system or by having access to our FUSE (Fluidyn User Support Engineering) service.

FLUIDYN User Support Engineering (FUSE): is designed for industries that may need to run only a few cases in a year. They may not wish to invest in in-house modeling know-how, a powerful computer and a software license while their requirement is to optimize a product barely a few times in a year. An integrated offer of computational time on our multicore computers upto 128 cores at a time, along with modelling support by our simulation experts is available for such infrequent usage.


The objective is to reuse a model, built previously, with variations decided by a design engineer himself. An industrial client can do so without having to invest in computer, modelling man power and of course a software license. It also allows not to compromise the confidentiality of the design when the modeling is done by external consultants, including us.