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Simulation & Modelling, Indoor Air Quality

Simulation Modelling Indoor Air Quality



fluidyn- VENTIL is designed to be used to run air/heat flow and simulations for CFD analysis inside enclosed environments such as Auditoriums, Offices, Airplanes, Railway compartments, Industrial Buildings etc. and determine the thermal / pollution comfort levels of people or employees.


An accurate assessment of occupancy comfort is essential for successful building design and HVAC systems, to maintain operative condition at a reasonable level for optimum human comfort. Comfort can vary considerably in the building space, depending on factors such as the location of supply diffusers, radiators, computer equipment, and also on personal factors like, clothing being worn and level of physical activity, etc. Besides the building and the HVAC sector, such assessment is also a growing issue in the automotive industry, the aircraft industry and the railway/coach industries. In vehicle, for example, many effects interact within a small space, such as short-wave radiation, which is locally absorbed by parts of the body while the air-conditioning directs a cold stream of air to the thorax, for example, and areas of skin get wet because they have been in contact with the fabric, which may cause discomfort. A single effect may accordingly dominate the overall individual perception.



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