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Simulation & Modelling, Air Quality & Atmospheric Pollution

Simulation Modelling, Air Quality Atmospheric Pollution


FLUIDYN's rich experience in CFD solutions has been extended to several application areas of modeling of Simulation Modelling, Air Quality Atmospheric Pollution specific systems such as Atmospheric Air Quality both in predictive as well as real time modes. Following are some of the service areas where FLUIDYN expertise & tools are useful

Industrial , Impact Assessment

Feasibility studies for infrastructure development projects such as roads, highways, large public utility centers etc..

  • Pollution based Traffic management

  • Street canyon effects

  • Dispersion of non-conservative pollutants, chemical & photochemically active pollutant species

  • Transportation of radionuclides from NPPs, uranium mines etc.. along with radioactive decay, Radiation Dose computations

  • Consideration of Dry deposition / Wet Deposition

  • Transcontinental pollutant transport using mesoscale weather data

Some of the typical studies carried out are:

  • Air Quality studies due to multiple species / multi-source emissions from chemical industries

  • Air Quality feasibility study for Highway projects

  • Dispersion modeling to design the exit facilities for ventilation exhausts as not to get re-entrained through AHU suction points

  • Dust particle modeling for open cast mines

  • Dust take-off (from heaps and transportation vehicles) and dispersion modeling for pigment industry

  • Dispersion modeling and dose estimation due to radionuclides from Nuclear Power Plants

  • Air Quality impact due to Captive Power Plant emissions

  • Air Quality Impact due to large proposed industries such as Power Plants, Chemicals, Steel, Glass etc

  • ..… so on