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Simulation & Modelling

Simulation & Modelling


As a FLUIDYN client, apart from the access to comprehensive product and support resources, you have at your service the expertise of a team of highly dedicated engineers specializing in simulations in diverse disciplines of multi-physics and environment, for most complex CFD based 3D-simulations. We also support Research Projects of academic community in engineering institutes at practically no cost. In fact most of our application dedicated software are developed in collaboration with some research laboratory. These research workers are in turn, available to help you, analyze your problem and find the numerical best fit.


A combination of modeling services from a fluidyn engineer along with specialized advice, if required, from academic world can give you the best under industrial contractual constitutions.


FLUIDYN offers also stand out by their high quality as consultants in various disciplines: CFD, stress analysis or heat transfer work under the same roof as our software developers. Utilization of our specialized software for data preparation and results analysis apart from the software used for running the case also brings down man-time and cost of consultancy. It can be as much as 30% than customarily expected if the same software tool is used for problem definition as well as for running the case.


For large projects such as involving fluid flow heat exchange with structures or fluid/structure interaction, engineers from different disciplines such as stress analysis & CFD can develop and test-run parts of the same model separately and then run the whole model jointly.


While our engineers are preparing data or doing results analysis for your problem, we can also offer you our software for verification of model and follow-up of results by yourself in parallel. Thus ensuring that model conforms to your expectations and results are immediately available to you.