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FLUIDYN clients have at their service more than 60 experts in many disciplines of multi-physics and environment modelling. Many of them have been developing modelling tools and doing consultancy together for more than 20 years inside a single team. Just as in the real world, the various disciplines of mechanics and physics are no longer separated and form a complete set of interconnected areas: fluid flows are closely related to heat transfer, structural deformation may be a direct result of fluid impact, etc. In the same way, an industrial accident will have many causes and a number of consequences which often cannot be decoupled. FLUIDYN / TRANSOFT is probably the only organization which has been offering software & services to do coupled fluid flow & stress analysis since 1991.


Seamless accountability of support teams in various centers achieves several functional objectives. :

  • A faster response at all stages,
  • A better quality control of a complex multi-physics problems,
  • A common pool of knowledge ensuring a homogeneous quality,
  • A faster bug identification and correction process.






Support is designed as follows:

  • Hotline Support existing via telephone and Internet ( ).
  • Chat Messenger on FLUIDYN Users Club available under a support agreement. It ensures accessibility of FLUIDYN staff-from the support engineer to the software developers, as well as the directors of the company in the space of a few minutes, if necessary.
  • Although General Modelling Assistance is always available, a user can also ask for temporary help in installation of a particularly complex model or running a particularly difficult case. This emergency service of a few hours is given as part of a general support contract just on a simple telephone or on chat request.
  • FLUIDYN software have a built in tool for receiving auto training modules from FLUIDYN staff. Specific tutorials, if available, are supplied whenever a request is sent to FLUIDYN Support.
  • FLUIDYN Support can transform an often-used application in a dedicated module with the automatic creation of geometry and mesh and its execution by attributing default parameters. Such software modules are developed through user coding with a standard menu and in accordance with the CUSTOMER specifications. It goes on being property of CLIENT with appropriate confidentiality guarantees.