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FLUIDYN Research Papers


Fluidyn Publication Research PapersOur commitment to excellence requires a continuous monitoring of the research advances in all fields of physics. To ensure that our software are up to date with the latest know-how, FLUIDYN maintains a close relationship with various academic institutions over the world, by keeping a close track on the most recent publications as well as publishing on our own in internationally renowned journals and conferences; by offering and opening source software freely to research teams ; by developing specific numerical tools in the frame of industrial contracts ; by recruiting consultants from academic institutes. In short, FLUIDYNhelps in crossing the bridge between academic research and the industrial world.


Our strength comes from internal Research & Development

  • State-of-the-art methods and know-how by multi-pronged team
  • Close relation to academic world
  • Commitment to excellence by 2 decades long continuous R&D investment
  • Reputation for tackling challenging cases


FLUIDYN Research Papers/Presentations :

Fluidyn Atmospheric studies in Environmental Pollution & Industrial Risk Analysis.


CFD based Multiphysics / Fluid Flow / Conjugate heat transfer / Fluid structure interaction / Simulation studies.


Water flow / Surface flow / Pollution studies.


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