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Process and Equipment Failure


FLUIDYN is one of the unique CFD software ( fluidyn-MP) which can be initially used for operational optimizations and then it can also work on process failure analysis, According to the seriousness of failure consequences, frequency of occurrence and likelihood of timely detection; fluidyn software can model process sensitivity to variation of nominal parameters by transient simulations to reduce failures, starting with the highest-priority ones.

FLUIDYN can be used :

  • to model a process or a product when it is being designed or redesigned, after quality function deployment, to prepare the basic operational model
  • to change or upgrade the process or a product, the archived model data needs to be only analyzed for the changed parameters
  • for developing control system for the process, Fluidyn data can be coupled or used by a system software
  • for analyzing failures throughout the life of the process or product