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FLUIDYN clients have at their service more than 60 experts in many disciplines of multi-physics and environment modelling. Many of them have been developing modelling tools together for more than 20 years inside a single team. Just as in the real world, the various disciplines of physics modelling are no longer separated and form a complete set of interconnected areas: fluid flows are closely related to heat transfer, structural deformation may be a direct result of fluid impact, etc. In the same way, an industrial accident will have many causes and a number of consequences which often cannot be decoupled. FLUIDYN / TRANSOFT is probably the only organization which offered software & services to do coupled fluid flow & stress analysis since 1991. Each member of the FLUIDYN Team is in constant touch with the rest of the team-members. This horizontal structure of the company achieves several goals:
    - A faster response at all stages
    - A better understanding of a complex multi-physics problem
    - A common pool of knowledge which ensures a homogeneous quality no matter who is running the case
    - A faster bug identification and correction process
 The unique possibility to develop specifically for a given consultancy study

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