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Consultancy Fluidyn-dB, NoisePollution

Consultancy Fluidyn-dB planning and evaluation tool focusing spatial distribution traffic noise


fluidyn-dB is designed to simulate the impact of noise pollution on the surrounding environment from noise source such as existing or planned constructions, highways, factories, etc..


fluidyn-ROADdb is an exclusive noise propagation simulation software based on Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recommendations to predict the impact of noise on surroundings.


fluidyn-AVNOISE makes it possible to model and simulate, individually, the noise of planes, airport and surrounding traffic and variable radiation sources according to the noise of impact.



  • Effect of the noise due to the traffic on the urban communities in preparation for the planning of the cities and the motorways
  • Effect of the noise due to industrialization
  • Acoustics of the rooms


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