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 COST ES 1006


2nd International workshop of atmospheric dispersion modelling of airborne hazards for local scale emergency predictions and response


Paris, France

13th of June 2013


COST ES 1006 Abstract (from :

Releases of hazardous agents in complex built environments pose a tremendous challenge to emergency first responders and authorities in charge due to the large number of casualties potentially involved. Air motions in built-up areas are very complex and adequate modelling tools have to be applied properly in order to predict the dispersion of hazardous materials with sufficient accuracy within a very short time. Different types of tools are applied; however, it is not always clear what the advantages and limitations of individual model approaches are. Therefore, it is of exceptional interest to compile a detailed inventory of the different models and methodologies currently in use, to characterize their performance and to establish strategies for their improvement.
A consensus on reliable, efficient and suitable model approaches for given local threats and their scientific advancement is imperative. Consequently, the Action is aiming for a substantial improvement in the implementation of local-scale emergency response tools. By characterizing threat scenarios, compiling dedicated test cases, revealing model limitations and improving model approaches, the Action is delivering guidance for a reliable application of local-scale emergency response tools. The Action is a first cross-community initiative to join, to coordinate and to harmonize European efforts in threat assessment and reduction for local-scale airborne hazards.