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International Workshop on :

New Horizons in Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics and Safety


January 2-3 2012


Convention Center, Safety Research Institute, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Kalpakkam-603102


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Topics Covered:

  • Severe Accidents, Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG) and Regulatory Requirements
  •  Features of  Severe Accident Mitigations In New Generation Reactors
  •  Severe Accident Phenomenon , Progression and Analysis In Water Cooled Reactors
  •  Steam Explosion and Hydrogen Management
  •  Containment Thermal Hydraulics
  •  Reactor Safety against External Events
  •  Source Term Estimation
  •  Emergency Preparedness
  • Advances in passive safety for advanced reactors
  • Challenges of Thermal Hydraulics of FBRs
  • Status of Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Research In India