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Multi-Physics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics

Multi-Physics Rarefied Gas Dynamics

FLUIDYN has developed a software for rarefied gas flow modelling, based on the well known DSMC (Direct Simulation Monte Carlo) modelling technique in collaboration with Prof. Graeme Bird, Emeritus Professor of Aeronautics, University of Sydney.


Models for 2D and 3D problems in Navier-Stokes solutions and in Prof. Bird's DS2V and DS3V solutions are made available for application to fluid flow problems with various Knudsen numbers (ratio of free mean path to flow characteristic length). A specific coupling of rarefied flow with Navier-Stokes equation is available for transition modelling to dense flow and embedded in FLUIDYN interfaced graphical libraries.


fluidyn -MP DSMC is used in the following application sectors:

  • Modelling gaseous flow in turbo-molecular pump for performance and design optimization: 2D axisymmetrical DSMC solution of the compressor stages or 3D with a specific friendly graphical interface for geometry preparation - NS downstream collector with dedicated slip wall conditions.
  • Vacuum technology with both rarefied flow solution in 3D (or 2D) flows in vacuum (with complex geometries) and coupled 2-phase flow transition for gas and liquid leaks into vacuum in microchannels (NS to DSMC). Solutions include heat exchange with structures
  • Application to aerospace and external flows in rarefied atmosphere: satellite thrust (micro nozzles and positioning), surface contamination, re-entry and high altitude and velocities flight problems and control. Solutions include flight thermal loads.


Multi-Physics Rarefied Gas Dynamics



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