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Multi-Physics, Electromagnetism



FLUIDYN uses industry-leading electromagnetic field solvers to predict the behavior of electrical and electromechanical devices. It can be used to study  the following :

  • Electromechanical : Electric motors and generators, transformers, bus bars, relays, solenoids, power electronics, MEMS and magnet design
  • High-speed electronic components : On-chip embedded passives, IC packages, PCB interconnects
  • High-frequency devices, antennas, RF / microwave components, EMI / EMC and biomedical devices
  • Device performance characteristics under applied excitations
  • Visualization of the electromagnetic field in and around a device
  • Joule heating effects and resultant temperatures
  • Force distribution and resulting deformation
  • Key design parameters: torque, force, resistance, inductance, capacitance, impedance, S parameters and radiated fields / emissions


It helps to design, simulate and validate complex, high-performance components, circuits, and systems for automotive, industrial automation, and aerospace applications.