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Multi-Physics, Coupling Fluids and Structures

Multi-physics Coupling Fluids and Structures


fluidyn-MP FSI is a software package to simulate fluid and structure coupling. It simultaneously computes the mechanical stresses and constraints in the structures and the flow-field in the fluids in contact.


It simulates the multi-physics interactions by an innovative method which includes the strong coupling of advanced solution techniques for each domain : Finite Volumes (FV) for fluid flow calculations and Finite Elements (FE) for structures. For each of these techniques, several numerical schemes are available in order to adapt the software to the case at hand by using the most appropriate methods. The strong coupling characteristic of the robust fluid and structure solution methods and the availability of various numerical schemes help to give accurate and dependable results in the least amount possible of computational time.

The fluid mesh in contact with the structure deforms automatically (auto-adaptive mesh) following the structrural deformation. The transient phenomena are simulated with precision due to the permanent information exchange between the two solvers (FV and FE).


Multiplicity of Solvers and Solution Schemes

An accurate solution to each specific case can be found thanks to the vast selection of appropriate solver and numerical schemes offered by fluidyn-MP FSI .


Fluid Modelling

  • Steady uncompressible to highly unsteady and strongly compressible (detonation, shock waves).

  • Multi species, multi phase flows (dispersed or free surface).

  • Various equations of state for thermodynamic properties

  • Various simple to highly evolving turbulence models

  • Reactive flows with different reaction models.

  • Radiation in semi-transparent media.

  • Structured, unstructured, hybrid, non-conform, moving mesh.

  • Porous media (surface or volume porosities).


Structural Modelling

  • 3D complex structures in finite elements

  • Hexahedral, tetrahedral or thin plates, beams and springs elements.

  • Transient (implicit or explicit scheme) or static analysis.

  • Stress and deformations linked to heat load taken into account.

  • Laws of behavior of elastic, elasto-plastic or piece wise linear materials and isotropic or orthotropic behavior.

  • Laws of plastification and damage (Steinberg Guinan, Johnson Cook) available.


Modelling Fluid Structure Interactions
fluidyn-MP FSI offers a new technology of strong fluid structure coupling. The exchange of boundary conditions between the Finite Elements and the Finite Volumes domains is automatic. The fluid mesh is rebuilt automatically to follow the deformation of the fluid-structure interface.


The user-friendly graphical interface of fluidyn-MP FSI allows result visualisation and interpretation at any point during the simulation as well as the easy creation of images and result animations.

Multi-physics Coupling Fluids and Structures


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