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Multi-Physics Fluidyn-MP


fluidyn-MP is a unique interfaced numerical platform for general multi-physics and mechanical applications. It can be easily used by mechanical and chemical engineers for consultancy. fluidyn-MP integrates powerful algorithms for separate fluid analysis using finite volume method, and for structure, thermal and electromagnetic analysis using finite elements methods. It also beholds efficient and robust coupling schemes, for coupled phenomena analysis. By these optimized solvers, fluidyn-MP produces accurate 3D resolution of separate fluid flows and coupled physical phenomena.


Specifically, fluidyn-MP comprises an integrated tool which allows the user to perform fluid-structure interaction by coupling above physics and models together in an optimized way.


Especially, Fluidyn has been developing and consolidating during the past 15 years the following dedicated general codes:


These labels are all extensions of fluidyn-MPsoftware platform for specific fluid-structure interaction applications.


fluidyn-MP can be used for very general fluid flow analysis, stress analysis, conjugate heat transfer, and coupled acoustic flows.

fluidyn-MPbeholds a user-friendly interface, which makes it practical to use for both beginner engineer and very experienced ones (using software's advanced features). The fullpackage includes:

  • General and detailed fluid flow CFD analysis – using fluidyn-MP-NS
  • Structure analysis using FEA
  • Thermal solution structure using FEA
  • Acoustics scattering using FEA
  • Electromagnetics using both FEA and FVM.


fluidyn-MP is used for engineering purpose and research by industrial R&D and R&T groups, consultancy groups, and universities around the world. It is used in different application fields for mechanical consultancy and risk analysis.


This software also beholds several modules for specific applications, such as which are in-house clubbed parts of the main codes. Multi-Physics problems to be solved can be as various as :

  • Aeronautics (aerodynamics, aero-elasticity, turbomachinery,…)

  • Process engineering (chemical reactors, fuel cells, separators, …)

  • Ventilation in buildings, train stations, mines, tunnels

  • Interaction processes such as:

  • Aeroelastic flutter motions

  • Aeroelastic TIV and VIV motions (on cylinders, bridges, others,…)

  • Crack openings

  • Diverse applications : vanes, pipe stress analysis, wall stress analysis, captors, parachutes, core reactors, structure mode analysis (Airplanes, wings, airplane motors, "ESP"...)

  • Complex heat transfer including conduction, convection, radiation,…

  • Coupled acoustic flows


  • Risk analysis in buildings (thermal comfort, dispersion, fire, and explosion analysis,…)

  • Diverse risk analysis (wave effects, dam breaks, seismic analysis, pipe rupture analysis, disk ruptures,…)

  • Pipe flow transportation


Multi-Physics Fluidyn-MP


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