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Specific application modules for Metallurgy



FLUIDYN Consultancy has been developing specific application modules for metallurgy, which can be easily used by R&D mechanical engineers, through the fluidyn-MP software package. Besides general CFD, thermal and stress analysis (or even coupled analysis), these specific modules are used for the following applications:


JET COOLING module : High performance plate cooling through battery of jets:

  • Accurate modelling of near wall turbulence in impingement regions
  • Heat transfer capacity optimization.


COATING/WIPING module : Wiping process modelling with accurate VOF models without diffusion for sheet metal. Computation of the influence of high speed air jet on film thickness at walls.


CONTINUOUS CASTING module : Modelling of transient dispersed bubble gaseous phase in head mould of continuous casting processes.


Fluidyn sector's - Specific application modules for Metallurgy


STRIPPING/FSI module : Fluid/structure computations of a pre-stressed stripping of cooled metal sheet. Computation of induced vibration of strip sheets by air-cooling jets.


MHDmodule : Modelling of coupled magnetic and conducting fluid flows. This module allows the user to compute induced magnetic fields and related Lorenz forces applied to conducting fluids. It also computes 3D electric current solutions in the conducting containing walls.



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