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Mesh Generator, CADGEN and Computer Aided Engineering

Mesh Generator CADGEN Computer Aided Engineering


fluidyn-CAE is a new generation software for engineers. fluidyn-CAE is a CAD based software which can be used in case studies pre-processing and post-processing of results. It is a powerful tool for application-performance-seeking engineers, especially to save time and gain efficiency in case set-up, optimisation and post-processing data. It is related tofluidyn-MP software for solution and for meshing optimisations.


Mesh Generator CADGEN Computer Aided Engineering


fluidyn-CAE is first a general CAD tool which allows engineers to perform powerful CAD modelling and prepare geometries for efficient and fast meshing. There are two means of generating CAD geometries in fluidyn- CAE , namely:

  • Bottom-up method for which points, curves, nurbs, surfaces, volumes are created.
  • Top-down method which allows the user to create geometries from 3D primitive objects and boolean operations on volumes

fluidyn-CAE allows to create specific primitives and store them for specific applications (obstacles, pipes; windows, desks, persons, ...).


Mesh Generator CADGEN Computer Aided Engineering


In addition, fluidyn-CAE allows the import of external standard formats such as : IGES/DXF/STL, STEP, X_T,... Efficient repairing tools are available to clean geometries and to convert the rough CAD files into topologically valid shells, ready for meshing. fluidyn-CAE is a user-friendly GUI based software, with advanced graphical picture edition tools. Besides CAD modelling, fluidyn-CAE is a real pre-processor for case-set-up, which simplifies work for engineers. All input data can be entered through the CAD-GUI.

Mesh Generator CADGEN Computer Aided Engineering

Meshing Tools

fluidyn-CADGEN is an integrated software for geometric modelling and mesh generation. It is used to create a wide variety of geometry (surfaces and volumes) also and import files in IGES/DXF/STL format. There are several mesh generators in fluidyn-CADGEN, which allows the user to perform completely body fitted meshes such as:

  • Direct Complex meshes on CAE or CADGEN based geometries (topologically valid shells).
  • User-friendly.
  • Multi-block structured mesh
  • General unstructured non-uniform polyhedral mesh
    • Hexa-dominant meshes,
    • Delaunay triangulation
    • Hybrid mesh, polyhedral (wedges, pyramid elements).
  • Mesh in 2D or 3D
  • Refinement for shocks or turbulent boundary layer flows.
  • Moving mesh for free surface flows or solid walls.
  • Non matching mesh for Fluidyn software series.
  • Gridgen mesh : passage from fluidyn-CADGEN to Gridgen.
  • Can import mesh from IDEAS, GAMBIT formats
  • Fast and user-friendly generation of mesh on primitive geometries
  • Supports command line interface and script file for parametric generation of geometry and mesh


fluidyn-CAE-Post allows the user to perform post-processing on geometry with a very good display quality (VTK), simultaneously on fluid and structure results, including :

  • Geometry/Mesh
  • Velocity vectors
  • Contours properties
  • Deformations/displacements
  • Surface Contours
  • Streamlines
  • Sections, profile lines, curves,
  • Statistic treatment of signals.
  • Etc...

CGNS Converter is also available.


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Mesh Generator CADGEN Computer Aided Engineering