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Mesh Generator

Mesh Generator


As FLUIDYN software have various physics and numerical solvers, several mesh generators are made available depending on the complexity and refinement parameters required.


Present options are:

1. fluidyn-CADGEN : A structured boundary fitted multi-block mesh generator. It is used mostly in Environmental Impact & Risk analysis software of FLUIDYN for generating meshes on complex topography.

2. fluidyn-CADGEN : A hex dominated tetra generator used mostly when fluids and structures are present simultaneously. It can be used to create a wide variety of geometry (surfaces and volumes).


Most commonly used mesh generator is fluidyn-CADGEN. It

  • designs to mesh Complex Geometries,
  • has Integrated user interface in fluidyn-MP
  • creates multi-block structured mesh or unstructured mesh in 2D or 3D,
  • generates non-uniform mesh or non-matching mesh,
  • refines for shocks or turbulent boundary layer flows
  • re-meshes if required & remaps physical parameters to initiate another case,
  • moving mesh for free surface flows or solid walls,
  • supports command line interface and script file for parametric mesh generation,
  • import mesh in CGNS, IDEAS, GAMBIT, NASTRAN, ANSYS formats,
  • create Hexahedral, tetrahedral, triangular prisms and other polyhedral cells,
  • many mesh quality parameters which may be visualised graphically.