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Input Data & Result analysis

Input Data Result analysis


3D Geometry and physical data input is done though an easy to use CAD based user interface, called fluidyn-MP CAE .


Input Data Result analysis fluidyn-MP CAE prepares input data on a 3D model, developed either entirely with the CAD library of the software or imported from any CAD software. It cleans the geometry and prepares it for appropriate meshing in Finite Volumes or Finite Elements. User can put physical data : Initial & Boundary conditions, Material properties, Loads like pressure, Temperature etc.. directly on the 3D model. Mesh generation can be done as simulation engineer feels appropriate as input parameters are not dependent on mesh.


Any mesh modification in the course of the calculation also does not require re-verification of the model. Geometrical dimensions are accessible in script format such that the model can be modified directly during the simulation for optimizing performance.


fluidyn-MP CAE can receive results along with the mesh from simulation software to help a design engineer analyse them directly. An easy and direct communication can be maintained between simulation engineer and design engineer as both use the same visualization tool.




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