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Industrial Risk Analysis

Industrial Risk Analysis


Risk Analysis & Accident management Support (COMAH): for Petroleum, hazardous chemical, Agro processing industries, Explosives and petroleum storage sites. Emergency planning & response is prepared based on FLUIDYN software for identifying accident scenarios, verification of the extent of an accident and then predict likely consequences in real time.


To cater exclusively for petrochemical, fertilizer and other chemical industry, where the potential of risk is high, we have specifically developed software modules for Risk Analysis and Planning. Risk Assessment Study done with above package, generates a safety report based on a quantified risk analysis of most of the potential "Major accidents" we can imagine to occur on a site or plant and defining preventive and curative solutions, protections and intervention means, in order to limit and reduce all loss aspects like :

  • Fatalities
  • Injuries
  • Damages
  • Business interruption
  • Consequences on the environment
  • Quality of the products
  • Company and public images.


The risk assessment screening study undertaken by us is done using our software fluidyn-ASSESRISK which is based on TNO & UFIP (Union Française d'Industrie Petrolière) methodology and expertise and validated by INERIS. For certain critical scenarios then our software fluidyn-PANEPR or fluidyn-VENTEX are used for detailed quantitative analysis.


Objectives of Risk Assessment study :

  • Identification of safety relevant areas of industrial premises,
  • Identifications of the hazard sources,
  • Consequence calculations of major potential accident zones,
  • Identification of the emergency plan distance (evacuation of the population)
  • Identification of the critical systems at the origin of potential major accidents
  • Determining the magnitude of potential major accidents
  • Assignment and assessment of the prevention, control and mitigation measures
  • Real time support for predicting the unfolding of accidents

Industrial Risk Analysis



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