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Home > City Resources > Computers & Internet>Interview with Arun Murthy, Transoft International
Interview with Arun Murthy, Transoft International

International Technical Co-ordinator, Arun Murthy, Transoft International (P) Ltd., B,Lore. Transoft International Private Limited, a Paris-based company was established in 1987 by Sharad Tripathi. It has two branches in Bangalore engaged in the development of software solutions to detect pollution contents in the air. It also predicts future levels of toxic gases like CO, CO2, and respective particulate matter in the air.

Panache, the software system developed by Transoft, predicts and detects pollution levels. It is considered to be the first of its kind and has been used world wide with excellent results, according to Arun Murthy, International Technical Co-ordinator of Transoft, Bangalore. Senior marketing executives, R M Ashwin Kumar and S Dasgupta in Bangalore along with other staff assist Arun Murthy. In an interview to, Arun Murthy spoke about how relevant this kind of software is to the Indian industries and pollution regulatory authorities in the country.

How does the software Panache which predicts pollution actually work?
Fluidyn-PANACHE uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to compute 3-dimensional wind field on complex terrain in the presence of obstacles. It then computes numerically the spread of pollutants emitted from single or multiple sources. It includes models for fire, chemical transformations, depositions, etc.

PANACHE is the only industrially available CFD code in the market that takes into account all topographic and meteorological parameters with the help of a high precision numerical solver. Contrary to probabilistic methods, PANACHE uses a deterministic approach that is universal in application.

The common features offered in all PANACHE models are as follows:

  • The pre-processor has a built-in GIS (for environmental modelling purpose)
    and has the capability to import files created by other GIS packages.
  • The code takes into account complete topography of the site to be
    modelled, terrain undulations, water bodies, vegetation/canopy and
    any elevated structures for modelling purpose.
  • Multiple meteorological stations can be defined giving better
    representation of wind field.
  • A major advantage of fluidyn package over other conventional models
    is the simultaneous modelling of multiple sources emitting multiple
  • The software comes with built-in 3-dimensional graphic post-processor
    for visualization of the results.
  • Multi-view port facility is available to view the role of different
    parameters at the same time.
  • It provides a powerful tool to prepare slides and animations for

    How relevant is your product to Indian industries?
    Fluidyn-PANACHE is an advanced software for air pollution prediction. It can predict pollution levels due to industrial emissions, vehicular pollution, etc.

    It is an important tool for Indian industries, particularly the polluting ones or those handling toxic materials. The emissions from the stacks of these industries if not checked and controlled will give way for the pollutants to come back to our dining table from nature. The environmental cells of the particular industry can use PANACHE to predict pollution levels during different seasons of the year and evolve measures to control it for any expediency. PANACHE is also useful for environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies mandatory for setting up a new industry or for expansion of activities.

    PANACHE can predict, in real-time, the concentration levels of toxic materials that are accidentally spilled into the atmosphere. This helps in proper and quick planning of evacuation of industrial personnel or people living in neighbouring areas. PANACHE can predict consequences of fires both inside the buildings/industrial units and on neighbouring buildings. This helps in planning of building layouts and also in installing proper fire-fighting measures.

    It is also very useful to:

  • Regulatory bodies monitoring and controlling pollution
  • Organizations involved in research in pollution related areas

    Name the clients who have bought and are using your product, Panache, in Bangalore?

    • Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
    • Department of Metallurgy, IISc (Fluidyn-NS for fluid flow analysis).

    Who are the potential clients (targeted) for this software?

  • Heavy Industries like power, steel, cement,
  • Process and Petroleum Industries,
  • Government Bodies, Municipal Corporations, City Planners,
  • Environmental agencies and consultants,
  • Research and Development Institutions, Universities etc

    Do you have tie-ups with other companies for the development of the software?
    We have collaborated with several universities and research institutions in Europe. A few of them are:
  • Ministry of Environment, France
  • University of Lyon, France
  • Ministry of Transport, Japan
  • University of Durham, UK
  • University of Manchester, UK

    What other areas of environmental studies does Transoft focus on? And what kind of software have you developed for these areas?
    Other softwares developed by Transoft are:

    Fluidyn-PANAIR : Urban Air Quality Management
    Fluidyn-PANEPR : Emergency Planning and Response, Fire
    Fluidyn-PANEIA : Environment Impact Assessment
    Fluidyn-PANTUNNEL : Dispersion and flow in tunnels
    Fluidyn-PANMINE : Dispersion of radioactive elements
    Fluidyn-Assess Risk : Risk analysis in refineries and Petroleum Industries
    Fluidyn-FLOWCOAST: Pollution in rivers, lakes, coastal areas
    Fluidyn-POLLUSOL : Groundwater pollution
    Fluidyn-dB : Noise pollution (industrial and vehicular)

    What kind of response are you expecting from the Indian market for the kind of software you have produced?
    We are targeting a growth rate of 70% in the next 2 years. There are some criteria that mainly depend on the governing bodies. Let me give you an example of the Borough Councils in UK. The Councils have laid norms that by year 2005 the air pollution has to be within limits and this objective can only be achieved by computer modelling. Transoft was awarded the project by many Councils and the results from the work have being presented to the Councils. The modelling activity helps the Council to take appropriate steps towards control of pollutants.

    What is the primary focus of your developmental centre in Bangalore?
    We are constantly upgrading the software developed by us apart from new developments. Presently, we are developing a model named "Super PANACHE" which will have the capability for faster processing of calculations, integration of sub-modules and focus on Parallel Processing.

    What are the future software packages that Transoft is planning? And is there anything specific to the Indian market?
    The thrust is more towards renewable energies programme. The recent trend sees many companies showing interest in setting up Wind Farms for power generation. Transoft has recently launched Fluidyn-PANEOLE for meso and micro scale analysis of a site for micro wind turbines energy potential prediction. The software offers wind turbine developers a reliable and high precision tool capable of generating a wind field atlas for wind turbine sitting. The software Fluidyn-PANEOLE has been developed with active support from ADEME, the French Ministry of Environment agency and EED (Espace Eolien Development) to answer the requirements and specifications of the upcoming wind energy sector.

    What are the future expansion plans of Transoft in Bangalore?.

    Apart from operations in India, France, UK, USA, and Japan, Transoft International will be targeting customers in South East Asia, Middle East and Australia. Bangalore will remain as the development hub for Transoft and will also offer all support to these new operations.

    Arun Murthy can be contacted on:
    Phone: 552 6507

    Y. Rama Mohan

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