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fluidyn-VENTMINE : Dispersion of gas & particles in mines, including Radon.


Besides methane and coal dust, radon is among the most dangerous emanations in mines. fluidyn-VENTMINE , a module of fluidyn-VENTIL is designed to simulate ventilation for ensuring regular air supply while reducing particle load.


Methane or radon emission in mines is a very well know phenomena and requires regular ventilation. High ventilation is also required wherever an excavation is undertaken.


Radon is a natural radioactive gas released by certain granites in the ground in some regions. It is heavier than air and may accumulate in natural ground depressions or in house cellars. Radon emits α particle, which may result in cancer when accumulated in the lungs.



  • Finite volume based Eulerian transportation coupled with Puff, Gaussian, Lagrangian Particle transport & Chemical reactions,
  • BFC, Multi-Block and Embedded grid to simulate the dispersion of radon.
  • Takes into account the wall & ground surface of the domain for emission : direct emissions can be input for each grid in the form of data file, volume sources corresponding to a stack of mineral interactive surface source, in some cases Boussinesq calculations of the concentrations automatically.