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Accident Risk and Consequences, Explosion

Accident Risk and Consequences Explosion


Total or partially confined explosions can be modeled with fluidyn-VENTEX . When structural integrity, suffering of an explosion, also needs to be simulated, we can use fluidyn-MP FSI .




  • 3D modelling of gas, dust and solid explosions in closed and open areas (gas clouds of UVCE, ATEX zones, silos, fermentation tanks, offshore platforms, hydrocarbons / munitions warehouses…),
  • Evaluation of areas submitted to overpressure effects,
  • Coupled analysis of structural resistance,
  • Design of mitigation solutions (vents, walls,...)
  • Offshore platforms toxic / flammable gas built-up & ignition analysis.



  • Simple and rapid terrain model creation with the help of pre-defined objects (ventilators, protection walls, vents, ...)
  • 3D modelling of the formation of air / explosive mixtures (slow phenomena) and the explosion (rapid phenomena) with the help of different and dedicated solvers….
  • Result precision for complex terrains by high precision numerical solvers
  • Takes into account the topography and all types of obstacles for the propagation of overpressure waves
  • JWL / EDC / Arrhenius models for deflagration or detonation.


Accident Risk and Consequences Explosion



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