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HVAC Ventilation


Advanced tools for overall solutions of ventilations problems


FLUIDYN has been working for almost 15 years on different consultancy projects in the field of ventilation, HVAC, risk impact analysis in confined or semi confined spaces. Ventilation cases are various and numerous, depending on architecture, vents, convection systems and overall openings of the internal domain to external conditions. Therefore, FLUIDYN has been working on general multiphysics platform fluidyn-MP, based on powerful CFD tools, and specific structural coupling to respond to multiple geometrical and physical problems linked to ventilation, HVAC and risk impact analysis. Among them, one can find separate or simultaneous specific resolution of :

  • Internal turbulent fluid flow including :
    • Wall roughness, inlet and outlets, passive vent outlets, ...
    • Multi-species gas mixtures
    • Buoyancy and thermal effects for fluid convection
    • Coupling outer pressure conditions with external wind field (coupling with fluidyn-PANACHEtools)
    • Atmospheric boundary layer for semi-confined spaces open to external wind conditions
  • Heat transfer for heating or cooling comfort analysis
    • Cool or hot inlet/outlets
    • Heat generation sources due to electrical systems, people, solar radiation, etc...
    • Heat transfer at walls through radiation / convection heat transfer
    • Humidity and wall(window) condensation on walls
    • Open user-sources for heat or mass
  • Fluid flow, heat and mass transfer for hazards and risk impact analysis:
    • 3D coupled fire modelling (fire source terms for hydrocarbons, woods, ...)
    • 3D coupled leakage of hazardous gases and dispersion in rooms, tunnels, mines
    • Evaporation and dispersion of LNG pools ...
    • 3D coupled reactive flows and explosions in confined rooms, tunnels, ...


Environmental Pollution HVAC Ventilation Fluidyn PANIEA

FLUIDYN engineers have specific knowledge for consultancy in the field of risk analysis and can provide full certification studies as well as local verification/validation studies, such as explosive atmosphere analysis, health comfort, ....

FLUIDYN is working for clients highly prominent in the ventilation field: CEA, SNCF, VNF, EUROVIA, RATP, BOUYGUES, ...for accurate resolution of ventilation and risk analysis problems in building rooms, tunnels and mines.

Due to large demands in 3D confined space analysis,
FLUIDYN has been developing a software series: fluidyn-VENTILdesigned for ventilation, air conditioning and risk impact analysis such as: hazardous gases dispersions, pool fires and stratification of fumes, explosions, and overall heat transfer in confined (building rooms) or semi-confined spaces (tunnels, mine, parking,...). All software of fluidyn-VENTILseries are based on reliable and optimized 3D fluid mechanics solvers, as well as user-friendly dedicated interfaces (GUIs). Therefore fluidyn-VENTIL has been conceived specifically for industrial design architects for confined or partially confined structures such as road tunnels, railway stations, mine network, hospitals etc... It has been further extended to offshore platforms. It can be used in combination with fluidyn-PANACHE for air and pollutants flow around buildings in urban areas. As it exchanges heat transfer with external airflow around the buildings, it will help reduce the energy consumption of a building by optimizing the air flow and heat exchange. It will help improve the indoor air quality in various parts by ensuring proper air circulation locally. The software can also assess the continuous or industrial risks by determining the concentration zones of pollutants, gas or particles.

Case examples :

  • Industrial buildings ventilation
  • Office thermal comfort
  • Semi-confined off-shore platforms
  • Hospitals and their surroundings for calculating airflow, temperature variations and pathogens survivability through various areas, including on neighborhood atmosphere
  • Silos explosion
  • Explosive gas release due to accidental leak. 3D cloud flammability limit
  • .........

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