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Fluidyn-MP NS




fluidyn-MP NS : NS standing for Navier-Stokes, offers several CFD schemes and solvers for a variety of flow regimes. The full fluidyn-MP NS package comprises of :

  • A 3D CAD and input data generator, fully associated with the fluidyn-MP environment: fluidyn-CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) having a design engineer friendly user interface.
  • A CFD User-friendly interface (MP-GUI) for mesh generation and setting up fluid flow analysis besides doing full post-analysis of results.
  • A batch solver and monitoring tools which comprise an ensemble of different fluid solvers for solutions optimisation, allowing the user to run with online guidance, transient/ steady, in-/ compressible, single/multi-phase flows on 3D unstructured meshes with heat transfer, radiation, turbulence, chemical reactions, multi-phases with free surfaces, droplets, etc..
  • Robust CFD tool features for advanced users:
    ØUser-coding for personalized applications and adding physics
    ØSpecific application dedicated modules
  • fluidyn-CAE for visualization and post processing of results on CAD geometry.


fluidyn-MP NSSolvers: schlanim2.GIF


fluidyn-MP NS CFD platform uses Finite Volume (FV) schemes based on unstructured or non-conformal multi-block meshes, for all flow simulations. It contains mainly 3 distinct CFD solvers which are used for flows at all speeds:


fluidyn-MP NS is designed to allow a user parameterize solvers, discretization schemes and input data etc… helping him gain experience on his own problem quickly. An accurate solution, in case of lack of experimental verifications, can be obtained much faster by using best fit solver and effect of input data sensitivity for:


Ø Single-phase flows

  • Laminar/Turbulent flows (0, 1rst, 2nd order turbulence modelling).
  • Incompressible/ Compressible flows
  • Steady/Transient simulations
  • Mixture flows (multi-species)
  • Reactive flows
    urface adsorption
    Solid coupled explosions


Ø Multiphase flows:

  • Separated phase (free surfaces): VOF methodology
  • Lagrangian particle tracking (spray flows, droplets, bubble flows, etc…)
  • Euler-Euler models
  • HEM models with evaporation/condensation
  • Etc....

Ø Specific flows and CFD-coupled physics:

  • Porous media modelling
  • Rarefied gas flows
  • Fast-transients
  • Sliding mesh. Piston effect in tunnels

fluidyn-MP NS offers following meshing features (Fluidyn CADGEN):Software_NS-Solver.JPG

ØUnstructured/multi-block mesh

ØHexahedral, tetrahedral, prismatic and other commonly used general polyhedral mesh

ØNon-conformal mesh blocks

ØMoving/deforming meshes

ØSliding meshes for moving/rotating components


External formats:

such as Gambit (.neu), IDEAS, are compatible with fluidyn-MP.


fluidyn-MP NS Advanced Tools:


fluidyn-MP NS disposes of tools for advanced users and specific applications. These tools are available through user-coding, and/or in-house methodologies (available on demand) such as:

ØPersonalized boundary conditions (transient, variable dependant,.. ),physical properties, initial conditions, mesh motions, etc..

ØPersonalized set of equations to solve

ØPersonalized numerical schemes

ØSolving with rotating frames - Sliding rotation or Multiple Reference Frames (MRF). E.g applications to turbomachinery)

ØSolving with sliding translational meshes or deforming meshes (e.g applications to underground Ventilation and Dispersion)

ØFluid-structure full coupling with fluidyn-MP FSI, fluidyn-MP CHT, fluidyn-MP CAF.

ØUse of specific equations of state for:

  • Homogenous mixture models for thermohydraulics
  • JWL Equation of State for detonation and pressure scattering in 3D flows (e.g applications to explosion risk analysis)
  • Equations of States for liquids


These tools have proved their robustness through Fluidyn's advanced consultancy offers.


fluidyn-MP NSAdvanced tools / Specific modules:


fluidyn-MP NS disposes of options for specific modelling, available through independent modules and through code coupling:


Independent modules (available on demand):

  • MHD flows
  • Electrochemical coupling (Applications to two-phase electrolysers and Fuel cells).
  • Flows in soils (unsaturated flows)
  • Rarefied gas modelling
  • Supercritical flows and leakage modelling



Coupling codes :

ØCoupling 1D and 3D models for tunnels, mines, process modelling

ØCoupling MP with MP-Panache tools

ØCoupling with other codes :

  • Coupling with OLGA code
  • Coupling with DSMC code for rarefied gases and molecular regimes
  • Coupling with Flux-Expert code for simulating coupled
  • Compression EOS for high pressure flows (Peng-Robinson, Kwong-Redlich, etc...)