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fluidyn-MP CAF


Multi-physics software to study dynamical behavior of different materials subjected to various physical phenomena on a single plate-form. It has a completely integrated and coupled numerical solver for :

  1. Fluid flow analysis (fluidyn-MP NS-NSNT)

  2. Structural analysis (fluidyn-MP FSI)

  3. Heat conduction in solids (fluidyn-MP CHT), and

  4. Acoustics (fluidyn-CAF)

fluidyn-MP is an interactive platform which uses the advantages of both Finite Volume Method (FVM) to solve fluid flow problems and Finite Element Method (FEM) to solve structural and acoustic related problems. Let it be fluid flow, thermal, stress, acoustics, electromagnetic analysis and many more; MP makes it very easy to solve the problems either separately or couple them, as the need maybe. In fluidyn-MP, finite volume method is implemented for both fluid flow and electro-magnetic solver.


fluidyn-MP is a single interactive platform for both pre and post processing. Logical flow for setting up a simulation is followed, so that user can provide available inputs to solver conveniently.

fluidyn-MP is enriched with umpteen inputs from both our esteemed users and our many years experience in professional consultancy. fluidyn-MP has ability to handle both structured and unstructured mesh. Mesh can be generated easily either with Fluidyn CADGEN or user can import mesh generated from conventional meshing software.

Both pressure and density based fluid solvers are available to users.
fluidyn-MP easily handles problems involving moving mesh and non-matching mesh.

Eulerian-Lagrangian and Eulerian-Eulerian models are available for multiphase flows. Volume Of Fluid (VOF) method is used to solve free surface flow problems.

fluidyn-MP is capable of simulating reacting flows. Separate model is available to simulate combustion process. Various eddy viscosity turbulence models are available with fluidyn-MP

Both surface and volume porosity based problems can be attended by
fluidyn-MP. Local Thermal Equilibrium (LTE) and Local Thermal Non Equilibrium (LTNE) models are available to simulate heat transfer in porous medium. Anisotropy dispersion model is available for solute transport.

Phenomena like boiling, condensation, melting, and solidification can also be solved. It
can deal with complex physical phenomena like electrolysis, and Magnetohydrodynamic flow with very high Hartmann number.

fluidyn-MP's stress solver is capable of static, explicit transient, implicit transient, eigen value, model displacement and model acceleration analysis.

Acoustic solver solves eigen value problem resulting from Helmholtz equation. Acoustic wave propagation in non-homogeneous media can be modeled.

Interaction between different solvers is just a click away in fluidyn-MP. With the help of user coding module, user can mould almost every aspect of numerical computation.


fluidyn-CAD & CADGEN :Geometrical Modeling


Wireframe and Surface models

  • deal only with geometrical information of objects

  • Incomplete and ambiguous


Boundary Representation

  • Underlying notion : A Physical Object is bounded by a set of faces

  • B-rep is a method of representing shapes using limits

  • Solid represented as a collection of connected surface elements – boundary between solid and nonsolid

  • B-rep models composed of

1. Geometry-metric information (size, location) of objects

2. Topology – connectivity between objects