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Consultancy Fluidyn FLOWSOL, Open Water and Underground Water Pollution

Consultancy Fluidyn-FLOWSOL for simulation of river pollution, sea water intrusion, aquifer water flow and contamination.JPG


With fluidyn-FLOWSOL we can propose our consultancy services in the folowing cases :

  • River hydraulics: bridges, piers, dikes, etc.

  • Continuous and accidental propagation of pollutant species in rivers

  • Dispersion of heat plume

  • Water quality

  • Effluent dilution

  • Planning of tracking measures

  • Flood studies

  • In the study of environmental impact assessment : water quality, dispersion of thermal plume, decay of effluents, erosion and dispersion of sediments or articles

  • Prediction of pollutant spread in rivers and coastal zones

  • Prediction of floods and salinity variations in rivers

  • Measurement of oil-slick transport in open water

  • Prediction of depths available for navigation

  • Coastal hydraulics: dikes/seawalls, gulfs, etc.

  • Oil slick propagation

  • Dispersion of the thermal plume



Flier : Fluidyn-FlOWCOAST

Flier : Fluidyn-FLOWOIL

Flier : Fluidyn-FLOWPOL

Flier : Fluidyn-FLOWSOL

Flier : Fluidyn-POLLUSOL


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