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Consultancy Fluidyn MP-NS, Fluid Flows


fluidyn-MP NS is a general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package used to simulate fluid flow in and around complex geometrical configurations. It can simulate transient / steady, incompressible / compressible flows on 3D unstructured meshes with heat transfer, radiation, turbulence, chemical reactions, multi-phases with free surfaces, droplets, etc.




  • Analyzes incompressible and compressible flows at subsonic, transonic and supersonic speeds (with the shock-capturing)
  • Analyzes steady and transient flows
  • Analyzes viscous or inviscid flows

  • Creates a Finite Volume scheme based on an unstructured / multi-block mesh

  • Supports the following mesh features:

* unstructured / multi-block mesh

* hexahedral, tetrahedral, prismatic and other commonly used general polyhedral meshes

* non-conformal mesh blocks

* moving / deforming meshes

* sliding meshes for moving / rotating components


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